Our Top 10 digital detox posts of 2017

29 Dec Our Top 10 digital detox posts of 2017

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2017 has been a busy year for us! Not a week has gone by without a new press article about internet addictionsocial media addiction or surveys showing the growing numbers of people wanting to try a digital detox.

We’ve focused in 2017 on building up our library of research on the effects of screen overuse. We also collected evidence that points to why a digital detox is good for you. We also launched a digital detox book to make our tips more accessible! But which of our blog posts caught your attention this year? Here’s a roundup of our 10 most popular posts from 2017;

10. How to digital detox: a guide for busy people

This post recognised that leaving your phone behind completely for a week-long digital detox retreat isn’t practical for some people. We take you through some very simple steps that will help you cut down on your phone use in your daily life without disconnecting completely.

9. Is your smartphone stressing you out?

In this post we looked at how our smartphones affect our stress levels and our overall mental health. We discussed why it’s important to take regular breaks from our always-on lifestyle, and gave you a few easy tips on how to do that.

How our smartphones stress us out and impact our health

8. 3 simple meditation techniques for beginners

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to this meditation and mindfulness thing? In this post we shared three simple meditation techniques for total beginners to help you recharge your mind and switch off from our 24/7 digital culture.

7. 4 ways your phone affects your mental wellbeing

There’s increasing evidence that too much time on screens (especially excessive time on social media) is affecting our mental health. In this blog we described four ways your phone affects your mental wellbeing and why it’s important to step back regularly from your device and unplug.

6. 5 signs you’re suffering from Nomophobia

That worried patting of your pocket you do, when think you don’t have your phone with you, now has  a name – nomophobia (or ‘no mobile phone phobia’). We shared five recognisable symptoms of nomophobia as well as some top tips on how to overcome your smartphone addiction.

5. How to become less addicted to your phone

Our smartphones are now our ever-present companions and most of the time they are never more than an arm’s length away from us. We love them as tools and helpers in our busy lives but there’s no questions that we are all getting overly dependent on them. In this blog post we shared some tips on how to stop phone dependency tip over into phone addiction.

4. How to overcome internet addiction

Internet addiction is a recognised disorder in several countries of the world, affecting adults and young people. We explore the symptoms and a range of ways it can be addressed.

3. 5 ways to be happy, today

We shared five simple ways to be happy in our modern, screen-dominated culture. We want you to down your devices and pick up the parts of your life that have become neglected when you’ve been glued to your phone!

Ways to be happy today - girl blowing bubbles

2. Do I need a digital detox?

Our top two blog posts of the year reflected the fact that so many of you want to assess your own screen and phone use and decide whether it’s excessive. Number two in our top ten posts of 2017 is a quiz that takes you through some simple questions to find out whether a digital detox will benefit you.

1. Am I addicted to my smartphone?

Our TOP post in 2017 was no surprise. You wanted to know whether you were addicted to your smartphone and what the warning signs might be. This was another quiz that asked simple questions to explore whether you’re finding it hard to disconnect from your phone. Try it out here.

We’ve loved posting on all things digital detox in 2017 and it looks like you’ve enjoyed reading our blogs too. Look out for all our new digital detox blogs coming in 2018!


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