Time To Log Off has launched a digital detox online course as a response to overwhelming demand during the pandemic for remote digital detox education and eLearning. We’ve taken some time thinking about whether this is right for us. Our philosophy is always to get you off your screens and into the real world. But we also believe in a balanced approach to tech, and in using it when it’s helpful, not harmful, in our lives. In an environment where our digital detox retreats and events are paused, an online learning experience is the most effective way of getting the digital wellbeing message to you wherever you might live in the world. We’re incredibly excited about what we’ve put together for you.

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Discover the persuasive tech techniques that make it so hard for you to put down your phone, and what makes social media in particular so addictive. Explore analogue alternatives to your most-frequently used phone functions and build up a repertoire of healthy habits to establish a new relationship with tech. Take part in a two week rewiring of your digital habits at the end of the six week digital detox online course; monitor your physical and mental health to assess the impact of your learning. Share learning with course mates and celebrate adopting the strategies and techniques that will enable you to live more healthily and happily with tech.

This digital detox online course was made for you, especially if you are:

  • Endlessly scrolling through your phone, over and over again, with no real purpose
  • Stuck in a cycle of chasing likes and comments on your social media posts
  • Anxious about disconnecting from work, but still checking work email well after your work day is over
  • Yearning for a proper break at the weekends. but still stuck to your screens
  • Stressed out seeing everyone on Instagram leading idyllic lives, with happy partners, perfect children and cute puppies

Digital Detox Online Course
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Digital Detox Online Course
In the pandemic, we now provide digital detox online courses to enable as many people as possible online to experience our digital detox philosophy and education, and to get a healthier, happier relationship with tech.
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Time To Log Off
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