Our Top 10 most-read digital wellbeing articles of 2022

the best digital wellbeing articles of 2022

07 Dec Our Top 10 most-read digital wellbeing articles of 2022

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  7. Our Top 10 most-read digital wellbeing articles of 2022

We’ve had another fantastic year of visits to our blog for advice, research, and how-tos on how to live healthily and happily with screens. We’ve looked back through our archive to see which content resonated the most – here are our top then digital wellbeing articles in 2021:

10. Six Simple Steps to Beat Your Tech Addiction

Coming in at number ten, and one of our first blogs of the new year, tech addiction was obviously something on all your minds after 2021. This piece had some deceptively simple steps to help you get a grip on it. (Read more).

9. Social Media Harms Boys and Girls at Different Ages

We always share the latest research with our readers and fresh out this year was some fascinating research suggesting that boys and girls may be vulnerable to the harms of social media at slightly different ages. This piece had all the details. (Read more)

How long should a digital detox be
What are the most vulnerable ages to social media by gender?

8. Six Signs of a Compulsive Phone Checking Habit

Another piece which aimed to give you some guidelines on which habits you should be worried about, and which might be fairly harmless. FOMO is a big part of this syndrome we discovered. (Read more)

7. It’s OK to Ignore a Text (Sometimes)

Everyone hates being ignored, or even ghosted, online but there are some occasions where it really is OK to ignore a message. Sometimes it’s the best thing to do for your health – we tell you when. (Read more)

It's ok to ignore a text (sometimes)
When is it OK to ignore a text?

6. How Long Should a Digital Detox Be?

We get asked a lot how long you need to log off for before the positive effects of disconnecting are felt. So we decided to write a piece on exactly this subject and it proved very popular. (Read more)

5. These Three Clever Tricks Will Help Get You Off Your Phone

Another tips-filled piece for the phone addicts amongst you, this one had some easy-to-try tricks to encourage you to get off your phone and interact with the real world more often. (Read more)

4. Persuasive Technology 101

We thought we really ought to give you all a primer in how persuasive tech works, as we refer to it so often. This proved popular and landed just outside the top three most read blogs all year. (Read more)

So our top three were…

3. 10 Things to Do to Get Off Your Phone

Yes, more tips and ideas on things you can do if you really, really, want to spend more time away from your smartphone but are finding it hard. (Read more)

2. How to Do a Digital Detox, Without Giving up Your Phone

A tricky subject, but one on all your minds – can you get the benefits of digital detox without throwing your phone away altogether and becoming a hermit? We had an encouraging take. (Read more)

Which brought us to…

1. “Am I Addicted to Social Media?” – Take Our New Quiz

Our no.1 post this year was our brand new quiz, adding to the portfolio of popular quizzes on our site, and it’s on the subject all of you worry about – social media addiction. If you haven’t already tried it, give it a go! (Read more)

We hope one of our top ten blogs, or one of the many others we published, helped in some way this year. Do let us know!

digital detox book

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