Our Top 10 digital detox blogs of 2019

31 Dec Our Top 10 digital detox blogs of 2019

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In 2019 the world continued to debate the hot topics: climate change, democratic freedoms and, of course, digital addiction. With the evidence to back it up everyone from celebrities to businesses began to support the idea of digital detoxes and to give them a go. Record numbers of you came to our website to help manage your tech:life balance and we have given you the tools and advice to do so.

This year we launched a podcast interviewing scientists, experts, YouTubers and more about their relationship with their phone. Each and every one of us has a complicated relationship with screens and we hope to help you untangle that through our podcast, retreats and of course our articles. Here’s a little reminder of our 10 most popular posts from 2019:


10. Digital Detox Treat or Treat? Is Phone Addiction Just a Scary Story?

In this article, we debunked the idea that there isn’t enough science to back up a need for a digital detox. Some have compared them to juice cleanses, but through scientific consensus, we are starting to agree that excessive screen use can be problematic. We discovered that those at the top of Big Tech restrict their children’s screen use at home. In this article, we explain why we should take note.

9. E SAFETY: What to Look Out for to Stay Safe Online

As we move forward in this digital era people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of the online world, as shown in the popularity of this post. From ‘phishing’ to the MOMO challenge we explain the dangers the online world can pose, including those we create through our digital footprint!

 8. Did #FACEBOOKDOWN Prove We’re All Addicted to Social Media?

In 2019 Facebook and all its other services were shut down for 14 hours, unprecedented in the company’s history. This caused a major outcry which only proved the dependence we all have on social media and prompted us to ask how we can lessen this.

7. Digital Detox For a Better Life, on World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day, we encouraged you to take steps to not only improve your own mental health but that of others. We suggested that you could delete some social media apps, and put your phone down when talking to people 1-2-1 amongst other things.

6. Tips for Dealing With Digital Distractions as a Student

This year many younger people began to search for ways to limit their screen use. In this post, we examined the causes of digital distraction for students and highlighted some potential ways to avoid it such as handwriting notes in lectures and turning off notifications. We also discussed the positives – such as the ability to get to know those on your course before you arrive!

Summer Unplugged Digital Detox Campaign

5. #SUMMERUNPLUGGED Digital Detox Challenge 2019

This summer for the fourth year in a row, we challenged you to set some boundaries around screen use within your family. Whether you chose to buy an alarm clock and keep your phone outside your bedroom or just go outside to experience nature more, in this post we asked you to put down your phone for the summer and unplug with us.

4. The Youtubers Logging Off Social Media

In this post we asked why those who make their living off of social media, Youtubers, have chosen to take digital detoxes in droves this year. Inspired by a desire to have some time to themselves and to develop healthy routines these Youtubers made the conscious decision to limit their screen time and spoke highly of the benefits.

3. 18 Ideas from our Christmas Digital Detox Gift Guide

We shared 18 simple gift ideas this Christmas. In the spirit of giving, we suggested ideas such as a donation to a green charity, some relaxing bath oils, and walking tours which can entertain a family together and keep everyone off of their phones. We hope our ideas helped!

2. A Digital Detox Podcast To Help Tackle Your Phone Addiction

We’re delighted that the popularity of this post shows how well received our podcast launch was this last year. We have interviewed a wide range of people including Cal Newport, Johann Hari, Ben and Marina Fogle, and even the founder of the dating app ‘Hinge’.

1. Teens, Are You Addicted to or Embracing Technology?

Our most popular article this year shows the growing interest the younger generation have in their screen use. It’s not just parents who are concerned! We looked at the positives and negatives of screen use, from sleep to real human connection and ask whether teens need to set boundaries in order to improve these things or whether they are already doing pretty well.


We really enjoyed writing these articles for you in 2019 and are thrilled that you have engaged with them so enthusiastically. Look out for more episodes of our podcast, and even a retreat coming up in 2020 as well as more articles packed with research and tips on how to get a healthy balance with screens.

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