Presence not Presents – Choose Connection Over Consumerism

Presence not presents

01 Dec Presence not Presents – Choose Connection Over Consumerism

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As the festive season fast approaches, a familiar sense of urgency in gift purchasing begins to rise. At Time To Log Off, and likely in your own homes too, a crucial question arises annually: what truly matters to our loved ones during the holidays? Often, the answer is not found in physical gifts, however thoughtful, but in the precious gift of our presence.

In an era where digital connectivity bridges distances, we love that the internet can help to keep us near to far away loved ones. However, the same technology can be a barrier between us and those physically close to us, yearning for our attention.

Our yearly challenge, Presence not Presents, encourages a shift in focus. By turning away from our screens, we redirect our full attention to those around us, nurturing real connections.

Presence not Presents, our Tips for Connection over Consumerism

Rediscover Traditional Joys: Not just for the young, activities like reading or engaging in board games offer a delightful retreat from the digital realm. Recent trends show a resurgence in traditional games among adults, offering a communal reprieve from screen time. Dedicate an evening for each family member to share their favourite non-digital activity.

Designate a Tech-Free Zone: The allure of endless scrolling diminishes when our devices are out of reach. Storing smartphones and tablets in a separate room not only helps in resisting the urge to check them but also aids in fostering a fully present environment.

Engage with Nature and Nurture Conversations: Meaningful exchanges often occur during leisurely walks, unburdened by specific goals or destinations. Interacting with the natural world is a profound way to enhance mental well-being. When holiday indulgences become overwhelming, propose an outdoor excursion to reinvigorate the senses and strengthen bonds.

Invest in Acts of Kindness: The holiday season doesn’t bring joy to everyone. Observing those in our community who might need extra support and extending a helping hand can be incredibly fulfilling. Simple acts, like assisting a neighbour with errands or sweeping their front path, can have a lasting impact on their well-being.

As we embrace the end of 2023 with our loved ones, we invite you to join in with Presence not Presents. Let’s prioritise human connections over consumerism and tech distractions this holiday season and carry that spirit into the new year.

Connect Not Consumerism n 2023
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Connect Not Consumerism n 2023
Our seasonal digital detox challenge is to put connection over consumerism this Christmas. Presence not Presents is our motto at the end of 2023.
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