Time To Log Off runs digital detox retreats and events (both individual and corporate) to teach you how to log-off from technology – and to explain why you should! Our events all offer the chance to disconnect temporarily from digital devices and reconnect with the world offline, leaving you relaxed and energised to return to your daily life. On every event you’ll learn proven techniques, shortcuts and hacks for logging-off that you can take back into your everyday life afterwards.

Discover our Digital Detox Retreats and Events:



At the beginning of each event we have a ritual handing-in of phones, tablets, laptops, fitbits, kindles, game consoles and all screen-based tech. If you’re on a retreat overnight, there’s an emergency landline phone number you can give to those who might need to get hold of you but we’ll keep all your gadgets safe for you until it’s time to leave. This time is all about you, unplugging and going off-grid.



Mindfulness, the act of engaging with and fully experiencing the present moment, forms the philosophical backbone of all of our retreats and events. Practising mindful meditation is the antidote for the mindless scrolling so many of us do on our screens. On our mindfulness retreats you will experiment with different applications of mindfulness (including mindful movement, such as hiking and yoga) to find one you really enjoy and can take home with you.



Each event or retreat has an element of creativity and play. From kite flying, colouring, dancing, photography, story-telling and star gazing, creative activities are designed to get you into ‘flow’ – where time seems to stand still and where your brain can recharge and emerge refreshed.



Connecting with nature through hikes and exercise outside has been proven to aid a huge range of ailments including depression and stress. On our longer retreats we aim to get you outside as much as possible! All of our retreat locations are chosen to be in areas of outstanding natural beauty and guided daily hikes are offered in each location. Ecotherapy is guaranteed to lift your spirits.



A plant-based diet incorporating seasonal local vegetables and fruits, gives your body the chance to detox from additives and preservatives found in most of our diets. In addition, all our digital detox and yoga retreats are alcohol-free.



We gently discourage networking or talking about work on our retreats. Think of this as not just a digital detox but a stress retreat; rediscover your life:work balance so that you can re-engage refreshed and energised when you return.

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