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Our digital detox workshops and courses give you a taste of what digital detox is all about. In the midst of a pandemic, committing to a weekend or week-long digital detox isn’t for everyone – and it may not even be possible in the current climate to gather together with a group. You may want to dip your toe in the water first! Or you may simply not be able to take the time out of your busy life to log-off for that long.

But we know that once everyone has tried switching off from technology for a while they are totally sold on the experience. They get a glimpse into the long-term benefits of digital detox. And we feel passionately that we want everyone to try it! So we run a number of different online courses, one day programmes, weekend courses and mindfulness courses, to get an idea of what it’s all about.

Whether you’re an individual looking to explore digital detox for yourself or a company or organisation wanting to introduce the concept to your staff, we have a digital detox session for you. Get in touch for further information, prices and dates.

Group Digital Detox Sessions

The group workshops in the UK take place on screen (during the pandemic) every two months. With no more than 20 other people attending you’ll learn what we know about the downside of being 24:7 connected to technology as well as discovering some simple tricks to help you unplug. This ‘digital detox day’ is a one hour workshop, designed to be fun and equip you with a toolbox of techniques to take home with you.

1-2-1 Digital Health Sessions


Digital Detox - Are You Doing It Wrong?

1-2-1 sessions take place via video calls on the pandemic. Each session is 90 minutes long and includes the completion beforehand of an online questionnaire about your screen habits and use. The personal workshop session is designed to identify your particular areas of difficulty and equip you with the tools needed to log off regularly at home. Follow-up sessions take place three and six months afterwards and phone support is also available as an option.



Digital Detox Workshops: Tanya Goodin

Our corporate digital detox sessions are hosted in-house at the location of your choice (on screen in the pandemic), and led by our founder Tanya Goodin. With options ranging from a 40-minute talk to an immersive, interactive, experience we can tailor the event specifically to your needs. All sessions cover the latest research on the impact of screen over-use and the benefits of digital detox, as well as sharing practical tips and strategies to reduce tech time.

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A digital detox day, course, or 1-2-1 session, will give you an insight into what logging off regularly might do for you. Why don't you try a mini digital detox with us?
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