Here at Time To Log Off we’ve created three quizzes especially designed to help you identify whether you have a problem with smartphone addiction, addiction to social media or whether you need a digital detox.

"Am I addicted to social media?" QUIZ

Deceptively simple questions that will help you establish if you really are addicted to social media, or if you just have a habit that’s got out of hand. How many times do you check social media? Is it the first thing you look at in the morning? Do other people comment on your scrolling habits? Do you really want to cut down, but find it hard to do so? Is your social media checking getting out of control?

Take the quiz and find out what these, and other, indicators say about you and social media addiction.

addicted to smartphone Quiz

Just nine questions which will probe a little deeper into your relationship with your smartphone and help you decide if it’s a useful and practical tool, or if it has you in its grip. How frequently do you check it? Where is it when you go to sleep? Have you ever checked it while driving, or in a place you know you shouldn’t be checking your phone in? How likely are you to message someone who is actually in the same room as you?

Take the quiz and find out who’s in charge – you, or your phone.

digital detox quiz

Do you need to switch off more from social media, your smartphone and the digital world – and do a digital detox? Our original and best quiz looks at all of your digital habits and the impact they’re having on your life, and whether you really should be cutting down for your health. With statistics and research letting you know how many others are struggling in the same way this is definitely the quiz we recommend.

Take the quiz and find out if a digital detox is just what you need.

Digital Detox Online Course
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Digital Detox Online Course
In the pandemic, we now provide digital detox online courses to enable as many people as possible online to experience our digital detox philosophy and education, and to get a healthier, happier relationship with tech.
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