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Time To Log Off’s podcast series It’s Complicated was launched in 2019 and was selected by iTunes as one of its ‘New & Noteworthy’ podcasts in its first month of launch. Series One features one to one interviews with high-profile individuals from the worlds of media, health, business and art, talking candidly about their phone habits and sharing tips and tricks that have worked for them to get a better screen-balanced life.

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Series One Trailer. A preview of the guests and subjects we’ll be tackling on the podcast, from how our phone habits affect our eating and our sex lives, to what we can do to get away from screens more often and how to model better digital habits for our children.

Episode One: Nikita Gill. Tanya Goodin is joined by poet, illustrator, designer and author Nikita Gill for the first episode of our new digital detox podcast series. Nikita, a poet with an Instagram following of more than half a million and with a whole host of celebrity followers, including Alanis Morissette, Nicole Richie and Khloé Kardashian, is one of the leading lights of a new breed of Insta poets who have revolutionised the way poetry is accessed and enjoyed; opening it up to an entirely new audience online through social media. Here she talks to Tanya about her complicated relationship with social media and her phone; trolling, the surprisingly analogue process of her creativity and the need for more kindness online. And as a special treat for our listeners, Nikita reads one of her poems, inspired by the online world.

Episode Two: Ben Fogle and Marina Fogle. Tanya Goodin is talking in this episode to award-winning explorer and UN Patron of the Wilderness Ben Fogle and parenting guru and author Marina Fogle about the challenges of parenting, and being a mindful partner, in the age of smartphones. Ben also reveals his love-hate relationship with Twitter.

Episode Three: Hannah Witton. Tanya chats in this episode to sex educator, author and YouTuber Hannah Witton about what our phones might be doing to our sex lives, why sexting isn’t all bad (in adult relationships) and why she’s instigating a bedroom phone ban.

Episode Four: Dan Kennedy. Tanya is joined in this episode by celebrity photographer Dan Kennedy who discusses what he’s learned throughout bis career about the importance of maintaining focus in a permanently distracted world and how he has now designed his working life to minimise distraction and maximise productivity.

Episode Five: Alastair Humphreys. Adventurer and author Al Humphreys spent over four years cycling round the world, a journey of 46,000 miles through 60 countries and five continents. He’s also rowed the Atlantic, trekked the Arctic and taken on numerous other challenges and adventures including trekking 1,000 miles across the Empty Quarter desert and walking 120 miles round London’s M25. (One of his pioneering ‘microadventures’). Here he talks to Tanya about why we all need to get outside more and be more adventurous; how the rhythms of the day, and the cycles of nature, benefit us and why our smartphone habits might be responsible for keeping us inside now for 97% of our time.

Episode Six: Rhiannon Lambert. Harley Street Nutritionist and author Rhiannon Lambert joins Tanya on the podcast this week to talk about what our phone habits might be doing to our physical and mental health,. We chat about body dysmorphia and the comparison culture online and the importance of tuning in to our bodies to avoid disordered eating habits; and how mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds might be interfering with really listening to what are bodies are telling us.

Episode Seven: Tim Lovejoy. Journalist and TV presenter Tim Lovejoy joins Tanya to chat about phone addiction and having a thin skin in a world of 24:7 celebrity culture, including what he said to Will.i.am when he started browsing his phone live on air and what strategies he’s had to put in place to get on top of his own news and phone addiction.

Episode Eight: Cal Newport. Professor and author Cal Newport joins Tanya for the final episode in this series of the podcast to talk about his philosophy of ‘digital minimalism’ and why he has never had a social media account.

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