“Do I need a digital detox?” QUIZ

digital detox quiz

30 Mar “Do I need a digital detox?” QUIZ


How likely are you to use screens just before bed?

In total, how many different social media platforms do you use?

How would you rate your attention span?

How often do you media multi-task? (Use more than one device at once, e.g. scroll through social feeds while watching TV)

How likely are you to compare yourself to others when online/using social media?

How many hours a day do you think you spend on social media?

How likely are you to check your work emails during the weekend/while on holiday?

How often do you get back pain, eye-strain or headaches from using your devices?

When the wifi goes down, you feel:

"Do I need a digital detox?" QUIZ
Your result: You have a healthy balance with technology!

Congratulations! You understand that we should use technology to our advantage, not to our detriment. You know when it's time to log off and spend some time in the real world. Keep it up!
Your result: You're fairly dependent on technology

Did you know that we spend more time on screens than we do sleeping every day? Technology definitely plays an increasingly important role in our day to day lives. And while you have a fairly sound grip on the real world, it's still good to remember to step back from the virtual world now and again! Especially when spending time with loved ones, who really don't want to be put in second place, behind your devices!
Your result: You're technology obsessed!

Technology plays a huge role in your life. You can't imagine getting through each day without your many devices. But beware, the average human attention span has actually fallen below that of a goldfish! If you struggle to focus and feel as though your productivity and efficiency are at risk, it might be time to cut back on your screen time and try a digital diet. It's also been proven that media multitasking is damaging our brains, so if you're using technology, make sure it's just one device at a time!
Your result: You need a digital detox!

Oh dear... your technology habits have taken over your life! Your dependency on social media, your phone and the internet could be affecting your physical and mental health. Do you find yourself 'phubbing' your loved ones (snubbing others in favour of your phone)? Or, maybe, you feel down after comparing yourself to others' 'perfect lives' online? Often feel achy after hunching over your laptop for hours? Our 'always-on' culture is wreaking havoc with our work-life balance, leaving us feeling frazzled and stressed out. It's time to rediscover the world and the people around you via a digital detox!

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Do I need a digital detox? Quiz
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Do I need a digital detox? Quiz
Our short digital detox quiz asks you about your relationship with technology to reveal whether you really need a digital detox!
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