How to Digital Detox: A Guide for Busy People

A guide to digital detox for busy people

24 Aug How to Digital Detox: A Guide for Busy People

If you’ve landed on this blog, you know it’s time to learn more about ‘how to digital detox’, the act of re-balancing your relationship with technology. You’ve started to notice that you’re spending more and more time online, perhaps at the expense of more important tasks, or even loved ones. The reasons for logging off are getting increasingly more press coverage, and not just on our site. So chances are, you know that reducing your tech time will improve your mental health, happiness levels, sleep quality and productivity. But, do you actually know how to digital detox? We’ve put together a guide to unplugging for busy people, for those of us who want to implement digital detox ‘quick wins’ into their routine, but don’t necessarily have the time to do the research themselves. Our four-step guide to switching off is the best place to start.

How to digital detox:

1. Declutter your digital devices

2. Set technology boundaries around places

3. Create a digital detox schedule

4. Take up an analogue activity or hobby

A guide on how to digital detox

1. Declutter your digital devices

The first step on any digital detox journey is all about simplifying and making your devices appear less attractive. Remove any apps on your phone or tablet that you haven’t used in the past month. If you think you’re spending too much time on your social feeds, delete the biggest offender, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that’s grabbing your attention. Next, turn off any unnecessary push notifications from your remaining apps. Finally, turn your screen to grayscale, so it’s even less appealing.

How to unplug

2. Set technology boundaries around places

The next step to a better online-offline balance is setting boundaries around places. This means that you designate certain areas of your house where you refrain from using screens; for example, your bedroom, your bathroom and at the dinner table. Encouraging phone-free food is really important as it ensures that we’re dedicating our full attention to the company we’re with. You’ll find that by not taking your phone into the bathroom keeps you from procrastinating too, and the same goes for when you’re cooking or cleaning.

3. Create a digital detox schedule

A digital detox schedule is not as scary as it sounds. It just means committing to certain screen-free periods during the day. We normally advise not using your devices in the hour or two leading up to bed due to the impact this late-night screen time can have on your sleep quality. Plus, after most likely using screens all day at work, it’s important to set aside time to do something different, to rest your eyes and your mind.

How to digital detox: a guide for busy people

4. Take up an analogue activity or hobby

So you’ve set aside a couple of hours each day to unplug and go screen-free. But what can you do to fill your time that doesn’t involve TV, social media or messaging friends? Think back to what you used to enjoy doing before screens began to dominate your life. Is there a hobby you ‘don’t have time for’ now? It’s no secret that our screen culture has increased the amount of time that we’re sitting down each day, so why not use this time to do something active? As exercising leads to a release of endorphins, you’d be swapping tech time for a happiness boost. Other mindful activities like walking or gardening give your brain the opportunity to switch-off and relax. It’s also a great way to get back to nature and spend some time outdoors.

And that’s it! Four easy-to-follow steps to help you kick-start your digital detox. There’s really no excuse now!

How To Digital Detox: A Guide For Busy People
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How To Digital Detox: A Guide For Busy People
If you're wondering how to do digital detox this is the best place to start.
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