A digital detox is a temporary period of fully disconnecting from all digital devices to focus on social interaction, reduce stress, and be fully present in the world ‘offline’.

The term ‘digital detox’ was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013, just six years after the launch of the first iphone (which kicked off the smartphone revolution). What’s happened to the way we use technology in those intervening six years that has made taking a break from screens so important?


You don’t need to read any of the research and statistics we have put together on our relationship with tech to know we have a problem. Just walk down an average street or look around a restaurant to see what’s happening. It’s very easy to see that our lives have become unbalanced as a result of being glued to our smartphones all day.

We’re not neo Luddites though. We love technology. We’re not advocating that you give up your phone completely. We simply insist that we all need a good break from it once in a while (preferably regularly) to allow our frazzled brains to recover. And to rediscover our social skills!

Have a read of the reviews and experiences of those who have recently done one. Greatly improved sleep quality, improved focus and concentration and the sense of having had a proper break are just some of the benefits.  Completing our digital detox online course, or leaving one of our retreats, you will feel for yourself the benefits enjoyed in fully disconnecting for a period of time. You’ll also have set some personal boundaries and intentions around your use of technology – which you can then take back into your day-to-day life.

We’re looking forward to you trying a digital detox with us!

Digital Detox

Our use of our digital devices is out of control. With the average adult now spending more times on screens than they do asleep, and children following not far behind, the quality of our lives is suffering.  But this is not just some wellness fad, we’ve gathered together all the latest research and evidence-backed statistics and studies that support the need for screen-life balance here.

digital burnout

Our manifesto sums up what we believe in. We’re starting a social movement for people who don’t really do social movements: to rid ourselves of our excessive dependence on our screens and win back the quality of our lives.

Join us!

digital detox online course

Our online course is a perfect introduction to digital detox. Learn about persuasive tech, set healthy boundaries and make a commitment to try out some techniques for two weeks to reap the rewards in improved focus, better relationships and more restful sleep.

Both our books also have practical steps and suggestions on how to get a better balance with tech. Our digital detox podcast is totally free and contains exclusive interviews with doctors, academics and experts from all walks of life on what works for them in screen:life balance.

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We’re looking forward to you trying a digital detox with us! Try our online course, listen to our podcast or come on one of our retreats.
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