Our digital detox campaigns help with ideas, resources and encouragement to restore some online:offline balance into your life.

On Valentine’s Day our Log Off for Love campaign encourages couples (and friends!) to put down their phones and focus on each other.

30 day digital detox challenge

Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge runs twice a year, in January and June, to help encourage a healthy relationship with your phone.

Presence not Presents is our annual Christmas campaign, launched in 2016 to encourage everyone to give their loved ones the ‘gift’ of their undivided presence and attention over Christmas – by putting down their phones!

Phone Free Food Digital Detox Challenge

Phone Free Food was our 2016 autumn campaign to reclaim the meal table back from our phones. We encouraged everyone to dedicate the month of October to eating without their phones on the meal table, switched-on or even in sight!

Summer Unplugged is our annual summer campaign to get everyone in the UK off their phones and outside for their summer break. We focus on families and produce a challenge sheet with hints and tips to get parents and children all supporting each other to set boundaries around their holiday phone use.

For more information on our campaigns or retreats please contact us.

Digital Detox Campaigns
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Digital Detox Campaigns
Campaigns to get us all putting down our phones and being more present in our relationships, our work, and our lives.
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Time To Log Off
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