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Three weeks later, I can’t quite believe I have managed to keep my tech use under control… already I feel more connected and present during chats or out with friends. I find I’m craving more of this: novel, real-life conversation.”

The Telegraph


“Do people have meltdowns on retreats such as these? No, says Tanya, but some book then cancel at the last minute because they just can’t bear to be without their mobiles.They’re missing out. Because it’s blissfully restful. On our last night, we congregate around a giant bonfire and chat in the warm glow.”

Mail Online


“Over the course of the week, I found myself connecting much more deeply with the people around me. Without distractions, our conversations were much richer and more interesting, and I felt far more connected than I usually do in my super-connected digital world.”

Huffington Post


“When the retreat was over, I felt cleansed… I hadn’t checked the news but I didn’t fear that the world had fallen apart. I felt recharged, not anxious about the work I’d missed.  Just before I left for the airport, Goodin handed me back my phone. For a second, I was tempted to tell her to keep it.”

Travel + Leisure


“Overworked, stressed-out Britons are driving a surge in demand for digital-free new year getaways, where guests are forced to ditch their smart devices as they check in. Time To Log Off offers retreats in places such as Hawaii, Italy and Cornwall.”

The Observer


“Stressed smartphone addicts can now go on rural retreats with no access to gadgets. Tanya Goodin, a former digital marketer, set up Time To Log Off when she realised that she had not read a book for four years, instead frittering away her time on her devices. She says her concentration span had been shot to pieces by digital technology.”

The Times


“We came away feeling astonishingly refreshed and restored. Our eyes have been well and truly opened to the extraordinary benefits, and pleasures, of a hiatus from the  constant noise of information. This was a well-organised, friendly and worthwhile restorative. Blissful.”

Gay Times Magazine


“To properly check out, try booking into a specialist digital-detox holiday. retreats ban all technology, replacing it with mindfulness workshops, yoga, hiking, kite-flying and storytelling.”

Harper’s Bazaar


“I say things about myself that surprise me as I say them. Small talk becomes big talk and silences become longer, more comfortable. It occurs to me how frantic technology makes me, how my conversations at home have started to sound more like glib Twitter back-and-forths.”

The Pool


“The digital detox trend has led to a rise in demand for internet-free holidays, such as the retreats provided by Time To Log Off.”



“Participants are kept busy with a roster of activities which includes yoga, surfing, hiking, mindfulness, and nourished with a mainly raw, alcohol-free diet.”

International Traveller Mag


“Given UK adults spend an average of at least eight hours a day on screens, founder Tanya Goodin consulted addiction specialists to devise a regime to wean us of our modern-day tech obsession. The week starts with a ‘handing-in’ of e-devices before a daily programme of walking, veggie food and general silent reflection.”

The Metro


“Time To Logoff have a similar ethos. They too “love technology,” but argue that “we all need a good break from it once in a while to allow our frazzled brains to recover.” Their offering includes a 5:2 digital diet, designed around restoring a “life: work balance” to re-engage refresh and re-energise ourselves.”



“Led by digital entrepreneur, neuro-linguistic programming master practitioner and advocate of mindfulness Tanya Goodin, this seven-night retreat for stressed-out people takes just 10 guests at a private 18th-century farmhouse in Puglia, southern Italy, with a swimming pool and 20 pretty acres to explore.”

Travel Supermarket


“We guarantee you’ll come back home with a clear mind, bounding with new found energy.”


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