“Am I ADDICTED to my smartphone?” Quiz

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10 Mar “Am I ADDICTED to my smartphone?” Quiz


How frequently do you check your phone?

Where is your phone when you go to sleep?

How often do you take selfies?

How often is your phone the first thing you grab for when you wake up in the morning?

How likely are you to use your phone somewhere you shouldn't? (At the cinema, in a lesson/meeting, when driving etc.)

Have you ever been accused of being 'obsessed' or glued to your phone? How often?

Where is your phone right now?

How likely are you to message someone who is in the same room as you?

Would you or have you ever broken up with a boyfriend/girlfriend via your smartphone?

"Am I ADDICTED to my smartphone?" Quiz
Your result: Oh dear...you need a DIGITAL DETOX! - TTLO Quiz

You NEED a digital detox! Your phone is your constant companion - it never leaves your side. You spend an excessive proportion of your time on your phone, preferring to live in the virtual world than the real one! Your obsession with your phone screen could be beginning to impact your relationships AND your sleep. Did you know that 25% of adults don't get enough sleep because of digital devices? It's time to start noticing the effects of your smartphone addiction on your physical and mental health and embark on a digital detox!
Your result: You and your phone are pretty inseparable! - TTLO Quiz

You might not be 100% addicted (yet!), but you definitely need to evaluate how much time you're spending scrolling on your device. Did you know that on average, we swipe, tap and click on our phones 2,617 times every day? This can impact both our physical and mental wellbeing. It's a good time to start thinking about decluttering your digital life through a digital detox!
Your result: You're fairly reliant on your smartphone! - TTLO Smartphone Addiction Quiz

You're fairly reliant on your phone, but there are far worse culprits! Still, it's good to be reminded that UK adults spend an average of 8 hrs 41 mins on screens every day. This is more time than we spend sleeping! Do you need to rethink your smartphone habits and the amount of time you spend scrolling?
Your result: You have a healthy relationship with your phone! - TTLO Smartphone Addiction Quiz

Congratulations! Half of UK adults admit to being 'completely hooked' on their phones. But luckily, that's not you! Being without your phone doesn't make you feel anxious, as you prefer to live 'in the moment' rather than through your phone screen. You use your phone to your advantage, but you know when to put it away. Keep it up!

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Am I ADDICTED to my smartphone?
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Am I ADDICTED to my smartphone?
Am I addicted to my smartphone? Take Time To Log Off's interactive quiz to find out how addicted you are to your phone!
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