digital detox expert: Tanya Goodin

Time To Log Off was founded in 2014 by digital entrepreneur, tech ethicist, and author Tanya Goodin. Tanya was inspired to set-up Time To Log Off after over 20 years working exclusively in the online world. She is an award-winning digital entrepreneur: twice a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and for the Blackberry Outstanding Women in Technology award.

As someone who spent her life almost entirely onscreen for over 20 years, Tanya was one of the first to notice the impact of a screen-based lifestyle on focus and concentration, productivity, creativity, stress and sleep.

As research and statistics began to emerge supporting her belief that she was not alone in suffering from these adverse effects of a screen-dominated life, she founded Time To Log Off with a mission to investigate what a healthy use of screens looks like. Her goal now is to help others discover, like her, the joys of regularly fully disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with the real world.

Tanya is a graduate of Oxford University, the author of two books about our complicated relationship with technology – OFF and Stop Staring at Screens – and is passionate about yoga, mindfulness and introducing the digital detox concept to children who are increasingly immersed in the online world.

Our Digital Detox Manifesto
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Our Digital Detox Manifesto
This is what we believe in. We’re a social movement for people who don’t really do social movements. Because we’ve seen how bad our dependence on screens is becoming. And it’s time to take a stand.
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Time to Log Off
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