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Technology was supposed to make our lives easier and bring us closer together; instead it seems to be making us hopelessly distracted and driving us apart. Everywhere everyone is spending too much time on their screens. It’s affecting our work, our relationships and our health.

We’re at a tipping point in our relationship with our digital devices: how can we use tech in a way that make us healthier and happier? What does digital health even look like? Does a digital detox even work? Does anyone know?

We’re keeping up-to-date on all the latest facts and research on screen dependency and internet addiction and we’ll be adding to our knowledge bank as more research and evidence appears, hoping to answer some of these questions.

digital detox course

We’re all very different with different lifestyles and challenges – so we have a whole range of solutions to try, to help you log off more regularly.

We produce an online 6 week digital detox course. We host a podcast ‘It’s Complicated‘ chatting to our guests about their phone habits and gleaning tips from them about how they live a more balanced life with tech. We run regular digital detox campaigns and challenges to get everyone off their screens; we have our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge, we host digital detox retreats, events and workshops (for companies and individuals); we’ve devised the 5:2 Digital Diet and we’ve published three books.

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open‘ is a toolkit for fixing the problems technology causes in our relationships, our work and ourselves. ‘OFF‘ is a pocket-sized source of digital detox inspiration to build a healthier, happier, relationship with devices. ‘Stop Staring at Screens‘ is a practical handbook for families to cut down on rows about screens at home.

We guarantee something in our smorgasbord of digital detox solutions will work for you.

digital detox expert: Tanya Goodin

We were founded by digital entrepreneur and digital wellbeing evangelist Tanya Goodin. We’re the home of tech-life balance! We’re spearheading the movement to disconnect regularly from digital devices and reconnect with the world offline. We’re want to get everyone learning to live happily and healthily with technology.

Our manifesto sums up everything we’re about so that’s a good place to start. We’re collecting research and statistics on the need for digital detox, running campaigns online (because that’s where everyone is!) to get everyone off their screens, and hosting retreats, events and workshops in the real world.

We’d love you to join us so we can share with you everything we’re learning about what makes for a healthy use of the digital world.




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A digital detox is a temporary period of disconnecting from all digital technology and screens for the benefit of both physical and mental well-being. We are the home of digital detox and digital wellbeing and offer resources, retreats and research to help the screen-dependent learn to unplug.
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