02 Aug
Your Thoughts Are Not Your Friends

We can choose to partially release ourselves from the ‘slavery’ of our thoughts by taking regular breaks from texts, emails and social media and practising mindfulness....

21 Jun
4 Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Wellness

Our digital wellness is important as any other kind of wellness. Perhaps more so, as digital technologies are such an all-consuming part of our lives. How can we focus on and improve this area of our wellbeing?...

How our smartphones stress us out and impact our health
14 Nov
Is Your Smartphone Stressing You Out?

Earlier this year, a new study was published by The Physiological Society which revealed, shockingly, that we find losing our smartphones almost as stressful as the threat of terrorism. As we spend so much time using or near our phones; they’ve replaced phone books, encyclopedias,...

How your phone affects your mental health
02 Nov
4 Ways Your Phone Affects Your Mental Wellbeing

Recently, discourse surrounding mental health has increased. Personalities in the public eye, including Prince William and Harry, are helping alleviate the stigma around talking about mental health openly. These conversations remind us that mental health applies to all of us. We all sit somewhere on the...

Ways to be happy today - girl blowing bubbles
28 Sep
5 Ways To Be Happy Today

The pursuit of happiness. It's a path we all find ourselves on, but sometimes it can become difficult to achieve 'happy'. Life will undoubtedly throw us all hurdles and as time moves on, the stresses of daily life have changed and developed. Our pace of life...

Digital detox is essential for good mental health
12 May
4 ways a digital detox boosts mental health

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, we're helping raise awareness of the impact our relationship with technology, social media and our smartphones has on our mental health. Throughout 2017, there has been a significant drive to remove the stigma around talking openly about...

Reasons why a digital detox makes you 91% happier
17 Mar
Can a digital detox REALLY make you 91% happier?

The quick answer is yes! We organise popular tech-free digital detox retreats in the UK and abroad.  We ask our guests to fill out a survey to rate their own sleep, stress, concentration and happiness levels before and after the experience. In just five days, happiness...

Time To Log Off Digital Detox for better Sleep
16 Mar
Five amazing ways a digital detox helps you sleep better

Sleeping well is crucial for maintaining good health and looking our best. It's not rocket science that even a single bad night's sleep affects our concentration, alertness and mood. What's perhaps more surprising is that sustained sleep deprivation has been linked to serious health issues,...