digital wellbeing in lockdown
03 Jun
7 Tips for Digital Wellbeing in Lockdown

Use tech to keep you connected without falling prey to the mental health pitfalls, here are our top tips to preserve your digital wellbeing in lockdown....

healthy screen use working from home
01 Apr
4 Tips for Healthy Screen Use Working From Home

Most of us are now adjusting to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. How do we maintain digital wellbeing - now of all times - when we're forced onto screens 24:7? Here are four tips to help....

Screens and Covid-19
21 Mar
Screens in the Time of Covid-19

The two constants facing us right now are more screen time and Covid-19 - we're going to be spending a lot more time on them. Here are some Do's and Don'ts for how to survive the next few months and still keep a healthy balance....

digital detox and GPS
15 Mar
What is GPS doing to our brains?

Over-reliance on GPS means we're losing confidence in our own wayfinding abilities; missing out on opportunities to engage the hippocampus area of our brain which plays an important role in mental health....

08 Mar
Smartphones and Coronavirus

We've been advised to wash our hands more frequently in the current coronavirus outbreak, should we be looking at keeping our smartphones cleaner too?...

15 Feb
Living 24:6 will make you happier

People often ask us what an achievable way to do a digital detox might look like. So here's one idea for trying a digital detox: living 24:6....