8 incredible ways a digital detox makes you happy

How to break your bad tech habits

18 Aug 8 incredible ways a digital detox makes you happy

We’re a nation that’s always switched on. Half of all UK adults admit to being ‘completely hooked‘ on their smartphones and our digital addiction is making us unhappy62% of UK adults say they ‘hate’ how much time they spend on their phone.

But we know that time away from phones on a digital detox can reverse this trend and actually make you happier. On our last digital detox retreat, we asked our guests to rate their happiness levels before and after their one week away from all technology: their happiness levels soared from 4.5 to 8.6 (out of 10). Here are eight incredible ways a digital detox will make you happy.

#1 You’ll forget about your friends’ ‘perfect lives’ online

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The average smartphone user logs 1.72 hours a day on social media alone. Although social media networks were conceived to entertain and help us ‘socialise’ they’re actually doing the opposite. Social media makes 7 million Brits depressed, looking at the ‘perfect lives’ of their friends online. Logging off from social media during a digital detox will stop reminding you of everyone else’s ‘perfect’ lives and help you focus on your own.

#2 Less phone time means less anxiety

One study has shown a relationship between increased mobile phone usage and increased anxiety. Less time on your phone means your anxiety levels simply won’t be increasing. Guaranteed to make you feel happier.

#3 No screens means better sleep

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The artificial blue light that is emitted from screens increases alertness and suppresses the hormone melatonin by up to 22% which negatively impacts sleep. With 25% of adults admitting they do not get enough sleep, it’s no surprise we feel grumpy, bad-tempered and, yes, unhappy during the day. During a digital detox your time without screens will mean you’ll find yourself sleeping much better, waking up happier.

#4 Stress levels fall when email checking is reduced

Our ‘always on’ lifestyle means the ability to check your work emails from any location. (One survey suggests half of us check work email every day on holiday). Although you might think replying to a couple of emails on your holiday or at the weekend will save you time, it won’t. It will decrease your focus and create more stress. Spending a week totally logged off will allow you to forget about everything, and your stress levels will drop dramatically.

#5 Putting down the phone leaves more time to focus on you

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The average UK adult spends a total of 8 hours and 41 minutes a day on screens, more time than we spend sleeping. With the constant overuse of technology, we have no time to focus on ourselves. By spending time offline you’ll be able to spend time doing what you want to do, whether that be reading a book on your own or going out with friends for a face to face catch up, you’ll feel instantly happier.

#6 Reduced social media time equals a reduced depression risk

Happiness soars from 4.8 to 8.6 after 5 days without screens.

Happiness soars from 4.8 to 8.6 after 5 days without screens.

A range of studies have highlighted the link between social media usage and depression, a study by the National Institute of Mental Health has found a strong and significant association between social media usage and depression. There has also been a link between heavy Facebook usage and depressive symptoms, including low self-esteem. Yet we continue to spend time scrolling through these. During a digital detox you’ll be totally logged off from social networks and your happiness levels will spike.

#7 Switching off means a proper break from work

We’re a part of the ‘always-on’ culture and even when we take a holiday, we never take a real break. 60% of people say a traditional holiday does not relieve their stress, no doubt because they’re still connected to work while away via their smartphone. This really isn’t a proper break and doesn’t leave you feeling truly rested and recharged  by the end of your ‘holiday’. At our digital detox retreats, you’ll really have the chance to log off completely, with no work emails or technology to distract you. You’ll be totally free to enjoy some you time.

#8 Your relationships will improve

8 incredible ways a digital detox makes you happy

Our digital addictions are not only affecting us, but our relationships with our loved ones too. We’re making our nearest and dearest compete with our phones for our attention and it’s making them, and us, miserable. In a recent OfCom study 31% of internet users said that they miss out on spending time with friends and family due to being online. Our smartphones get in the way of real relationships and we’re less connected when we’re together. A digital detox will help you disconnect from your devices and reconnect with the people around you. And both you and they will feel so much better for it!

If you’re interested in boosting your happiness check out our digital detox retreats today!


8 incredible ways a digital detox makes you happy
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8 incredible ways a digital detox makes you happy
Here are eight incredible ways a digital detox will make you happy.
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