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Mindfulness and Digital Detox Retreats

Dates TBA for 2022

digital detox retreat: Iceland 2020


The pandemic disrupted our programme of retreats and we’ve paused them while travel is restricted and borders are closed in many countries of the world. We’ll be back with a full programme of events as soon as the health and safety of all our guests won’t be compromised. For now, that’s not before 2022.


Coming to a digital detox retreat isn’t just about switching off your phone for a bit. It’s about stopping looking down at a smartphone screen and starting to look up at the world instead. Replacing endless mindless scrolling with mindful connection with nature and the great outdoors. For this reason, our digital detox retreats are held in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Getting out in nature is a big part of wellness holidays and you’ll do a lot of that with us. Our retreats are also yoga retreats; we think yoga helps you reconnect with your physical self, in contrast with screen time which is so much about being in your head.

We have a full programme of activities for each digital detox retreat, including the weekend retreats, which makes the most of that specific location and which are all designed to keep you physically active, as well as teaching you about mindfulness and introducing you to different ways of practising it. As a group we hand all our tech in at the beginning of each retreat and at the end we help you set your own boundaries around your personal use of technology back in your ‘real life’.

You’ll come back refreshed and restored after your wellbeing holiday and with a real sense of what logging off regularly might do for you, as well as with some practical tips and guidance on how to carry out a digital detox at home. The impact of attending a digital detox retreat is long-lasting.

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You’ll come back refreshed and restored from your digital detox and wellness holiday, with a real sense of what logging off regularly might do for you. Why don't you do a digital detox with us?
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