Take Control

15 Sep
How to Stay Logged Off at Work

It can be difficult to maintain our summer balance as we return to the office and try to stay logged off at work. Here are out top tips....

How long should a digital detox be
11 Aug
How long should a digital detox be?

How long should a digital detox be to see results? Is a day, or even a few hours enough? Or should you log off for much longer?...

digital wellbeing in lockdown
30 May
Digital Wellbeing: What is it?

Many and varied definitions of digital wellbeing exist. These are our seven principles to help you achieve a balanced relationship with tech....

5 reasons to do a digital detox
23 May
5 Reasons to do a Digital Detox

If you struggle to think of any good reasons to do a digital detox and be without your phone - here are our top five....

slowcial media
19 Apr
Is ‘Slowcial Media’ The Answer?

'Slowcial media' eschews the superficial scrolling of photo-based apps in favour of those which feed the more reflective sides of our minds....

persuasive technology manipulates us on social media
04 Apr
Persuasive Technology 101

What is persuasive technology and how can persuasive tech techniques manipulate our behaviour online? Here's our primer....

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