A digital detox podcast to help tackle your phone addiction

Phone addiction podcast: It's Complicated

19 Feb A digital detox podcast to help tackle your phone addiction

Our new podcast launched last week on Valentine’s Day. ‘It’s Complicated‘ has as it’s mission to help you untangle your relationship with your phone. Through conversations with leading lights in the worlds of culture, the arts, sport, media and business we’re aiming to get to the bottom of what a healthy relationship with our phones really looks like and to equip you with tips and tricks to save you hours of time every day – and leave you feeling healthier and happier.

We’ve always been a big fan of the podcast, and for one very simple reason, it stops us staring at our screens and gives sore eyes a rest! But it’s taken us a while to figure out what the best format for our own podcast would be. In the end we realised that simply chatting to as a wide a range of people as possible about their tech habits, and how they get a healthy balance, was a really good place to start. Most of us can feel we’re the only ones failing at being able to put our phones away sometimes and it’s good to be reminded this phone addiction is something we’re all struggling with.

digital detox podcast: tackling phone addictionTackling phone addiction one episode at a time

Since launch we’ve introduced two episodes with very different guests. Nikita Gill is one of the new breed of Insta Poets with a following of over half  a million on Instagram for her poetry. But even though the social media world largely brought her her fame she still remains cautious about its dark side and practices switching off regularly to make sure she gets a good balance. We could have chatted to her all day. She’s been writing online for over a decade and her take on how the digital world and phone addiction has evolved since her days of posting on Tumblr (not always for the better) was utterly absorbing.

Episode Two finds us talking to award-winning explorer and broadcaster (and UN Patron of the Wilderness) Ben Fogle and his wife, parenting guru and author Marina Fogle about how to get a better balance with screens in our roles as parents and partners. Ben confesses to some very mixed feelings about Twitter and they both chat about how they try and show each other respect around their phone habits – and how they talk to their kids about them too.

This first series of It’s Complicated has eight episodes and we’ve got some great guests coming up so make sure you subscribe on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you get your podcasts from) and don’t forget to rate and review the podcast too to enable other people to find out about it.

We hope you enjoy listening!

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