Author: Beth Crane

Mindfulness and tech habits
03 May
6 ways to apply mindfulness to your digital habits

The average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day and our smartphone habits increasingly remove us from the present moment and leave us hopelessly distracted. Here are six ways you can apply more mindfulness to your digital habits, starting from now. #1 Limit your source consumption With the vast amount of information that is available...

A canopy of trees for Earth Day
19 Apr
5 Wonderful Ways to Unplug and Connect on Earth Day

At Time To Log Off, we encourage you to find balance with screens in a world where digital is dominant. We share the benefits of logging off and dedicating real time to the relationships that matter most - these can be our relationships with our loved ones, as well...

Digital detox is a trend that's sticking around
07 Mar
Why Digital Detox is More Than a Trend

As we discover more about how our lifestyles and food choices really affect us, we're embracing wellness and putting our well-being first. We’re becoming more clued up on the importance of eating a balanced diet, enjoying mindfulness and self care and making time for regular exercise. But, what about...

Digital detox 10 thoughts everyone has on a digital detox
04 Mar
10 Thoughts Everyone Has During a Digital Detox 

We often share thought-provoking research around digital addiction, our top tips for unplugging and how switching off can benefit your lifestyle, from your sleep, to your attention span. This time, we thought we’d lighten things up and describe the ten phases you experience during a...

How to phone detox
15 Feb
How To Phone Detox in 5 Steps

When we talk about digital detox, we’re talking about cutting down our tech time across all screens and devices. However, when it comes to zapping our time, focus and efficiency, the biggest screen-based offender is our smartphones. Given the amount of time we spend on...

Digital Detox Challenge for Valentine's Day
08 Feb
Valentine’s Day 2018: #LogOffForLove Digital Detox Challenge

It’s hard to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Offers and campaigns featuring roses and romance are flooding our email inboxes and social feeds. But, this year, wouldn’t it be nice to give your other half something altogether more meaningful? Our frequent readers...

01 Feb
How To Stay Safe Online: 10 Tips for Teens

Every February, the world comes together to promote Safer Internet Day. It's an opportunity to spark a national and international conversation around safe and positive use of the internet for young people. Whether you're a parent or looking to refresh your own knowledge about staying...

Digital Addiction
27 Jan
5 Signs of Digital Addiction

At Time To Log Off, we have a love-hate relationship with digital devices. We recognise how they've made our lives heaps easier. From mundane activities like checking train times to the power of having a library of knowledge at our fingertips, our constant connection to the World...

Free Up Your Feed Friday Challenge
09 Jan
#FreeUpYourFeedFriday Digital Detox Challenge

At Time To Log Off, we share a range of unique challenges to help you step back from your devices and reflect on how much time you spend on screens. And more importantly, our challenges aim to help you recognise if another area of your...

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