#FreeUpYourFeedFriday Digital Detox Challenge

Free Up Your Feed Friday Challenge

09 Jan #FreeUpYourFeedFriday Digital Detox Challenge

At Time To Log Off, we share a range of unique challenges to help you step back from your devices and reflect on how much time you spend on screens. And more importantly, our challenges aim to help you recognise if another area of your life is losing out as a result of your screen habits, whether that’s sleep, work, school or your relationships.

We’ve shared healthy ways to kick-start the year with our month-long 30-Day Digital Detox Challenge, a reminder to put your other half before your smartphone with our Log Off For Love challenge and tips for getting kids off screens for the summer holidays with the Summer Unplugged challenge, not to mention lots, lots more! Since a lot of our challenges are seasonal, we thought we’d design a new mini challenge that you can do every single week. On Friday, to be precise!

Digital Detox Challenge To Free Up Your Feeds

Introducing our #FreeUpYourFeedFriday Challenge

What’s our new mini challenge all about? This challenge is a reminder to declutter your digital life, to help you remove any unwanted and unnecessary distractions from your devices. We’re talking about that person you added on Facebook at a house party because you were sure you’d be best friends, when, in reality, you haven’t seen them since! Or, what about those emails you never read from when you bought a new sofa two years ago? And don’t forget those fan pages you liked all those years ago. You know, the ones which post viral videos that always pull you in… This is all clutter that’s not adding to your day. In fact, it’s making it less productive, encouraging you to scroll through updates you don’t really care about and delete emails you’ll never read. A bit of a waste of your precious time when you think about it, huh?

So, how about making the conscious effort to free up your feed on Fridays? To declutter your phone, its contacts, apps and emails, just like you would your home? Friday is the perfect time – just before the weekend, when you’re even more likely to be spending time on your devices and easily distracted. This challenge is a great way to slowly introduce some digital detox into your life, little by little – you’ll soon be itching to try all our other challenges and reaping the benefits of a better relationship with technology.

Good Vibes Only Quote

Our tips for decluttering your feeds

Each Friday, try one of these mini challenges to help declutter your feeds:

  • Unfriend 3 people you haven’t spoken to in over a year
  • Stop following an influencer whose lifestyle you can’t stop comparing your own to
  • Unlike a video or meme account on Facebook
  • Unsubscribe to 5 marketing emails you never read
  • Unfollow that annoying celebrity who never stops tweeting

We’re on a mission to make 2018 the year of switching off. Are you with us? The #FreeUpYourFeedFriday challenge is a great place to start, leaving you with more time and less distractions as you take on your goals for year.


#FreeUpYourFeedFriday Digital Detox Challenge
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#FreeUpYourFeedFriday Digital Detox Challenge
Our #FreeUpYourFeedFriday challenge is all about decluttering your feeds on Fridays!
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