Valentine’s Day 2018: #LogOffForLove Digital Detox Challenge

Digital Detox Challenge for Valentine's Day

08 Feb Valentine’s Day 2018: #LogOffForLove Digital Detox Challenge

  1. Valentine’s Day 7 Days to Digital Detox Challenge #LogOffForLove
  2. Valentine’s Day Digital Detox Challenge #LogOffForLove
  3. Valentine’s Day 2018: #LogOffForLove Digital Detox Challenge
  4. #logoffforlove this Valentine’s Day
  5. Do you love your smartphone more than your partner?
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It’s hard to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Offers and campaigns featuring roses and romance are flooding our email inboxes and social feeds. But, this year, wouldn’t it be nice to give your other half something altogether more meaningful? Our frequent readers will know what we’re alluding to – the return of our popular #LogOffForLove challenge, of course! New to the challenge? Let’s tell you more…

Ever seen a couple in a restaurant, all dressed up, but not talking? No, they’re not feuding, they’re simply glued, head down, looking at their screens. Our smartphones have become a third party in most of our relationships, leaving our real partners third-wheeling. At Time To Log Off, we’re about cherishing our real, offline relationships and giving our partners the attention they deserve, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.

While apps like Tinder have widened the dating pool, they have also lowered expectations, and made love into an addictive swiping game. This Valentine’s Day give your significant other the present of your presence and connect without the barrier of screens. Read the steps below to take part in our log off for love challenge!

How to log off for love this Valentine’s Day

1. Write a meaningful card

The first part of the #LogOffForLove digital detox challenge is about pouring your heart out the old-fashioned way! We’ve become accustomed to sending absentminded texts and snaps, but when was the last time you told your significant other how you felt with pen and paper? Take the time to write a meaningful card they can keep – you can be assured that your heart-felt message won’t get lost in their inbox.

Time To Log Off's Log Off For Love Valentine's Challenge

2. Choose a date activity that’s screen-free

We all enjoy a film or two, but let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of scrolling through our phones while sat on the sofa in front of the TV. We’re not giving the film our full attention, let alone our partners! Take the opportunity to plan a date activity that’s screen free and altogether more fun. One of our favourite ways to recharge is to reconnect with nature – why not enjoy a walk by the river, or even, wrap up warm and go stargazing? You’ll have to huddle for extra warmth!

Digital Detox Valentine's Day Challenge

3. Put your phone away during dinner

Wining and dining our dates is Valentine’s 101. No one likes to be ignored, or ‘phubbed’ (phone snubbed), so put your phone away and gaze lovingly into their eyes instead. After all, if you’ve gone to the effort to arrange the meal, they must be pretty special and beat whatever is happening on Facebook (just a lot of smug couples and roses, FYI.)

4. Ban your phone from your bedroom

We often talk about the importance of making your bedroom a phone-free space for a good night’s sleep. But, what about everything else? Sitting in bed scrolling, feeding stress by checking work emails late at night and ordering your online grocery shop are hardly aphrodisiacs. Banishing your phone from your bedroom is the last step of our #LogOfForLove challenge.

Will you be joining us and taking part in our Valentine’s Day digital detox challenge? Let’s give modern romance a fighting chance!

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Valentine's Day 2018: #LogOffForLove Digital Detox Challenge
Our #LogOffForLove digital detox challenge returns! We share how to log off this Valentine's Day and give your partner the phone-free attention they deserve.
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