Author: Beth Crane

Presence Not Presents Digital Detox Challenge
19 Dec
Unplug this Christmas with our #PresenceNotPresents Digital Detox Challenge

Our #PresenceNotPresents digital detox challenge returns for Christmas 2017! This challenge is all about spending meaningful quality time with loved ones during the festive season and recharging your own batteries for the year ahead. We're all guilty of being on our phones while chatting to...

#ChristmasUnplugged digital detox competition
10 Dec
Win our ENTIRE Gift Guide for a #ChristmasUnplugged!

Have you read our digital detox gift guide for Christmas 2017? It's packed with lovely products from some fantastic brands that share our ethos of logging off, being more mindful and spending real time with loved ones. If you know a screen fanatic who needs help...

07 Dec
Our 2017 Digital Detox Gift Guide for a #ChristmasUnplugged

Before you groan at the sight of another gift guide, let us tell you that this is not just any gift guide. This is a digital detox inspired gift guide, packed with present ideas for a #ChristmasUnplugged. That's a Christmas where we really do celebrate festive...

How our smartphones stress us out and impact our health
14 Nov
Is Your Smartphone Stressing You Out?

Earlier this year, a new study was published by The Physiological Society which revealed, shockingly, that we find losing our smartphones almost as stressful as the threat of terrorism. As we spend so much time using or near our phones; they’ve replaced phone books, encyclopedias,...

With so many benefits, what's your reason for not trying a digital detox?
11 Nov
4 Common Excuses For Not Trying Digital Detox

At Time To Log Off, we share a whole host of reasons to unplug and take frequent breaks breaks from the digital world. Our site and blog is packed full of motivation to try digital detox; from improved sleep quality to caring for your mental wellbeing and...

How your phone affects your mental health
02 Nov
4 Ways Your Phone Affects Your Mental Wellbeing

Recently, discourse surrounding mental health has increased. Personalities in the public eye, including Prince William and Harry, are helping alleviate the stigma around talking about mental health openly. These conversations remind us that mental health applies to all of us. We all sit somewhere on the...

The Joy of Missing Out (from social media and the digital world)
25 Oct
3 Tips For Embracing #JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

Move over FOMO, it's all about JOMO! FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is exasperated by our 24/7 smartphone culture. If we get a notification, we're anxious to read or open it for fear of missing out on news. Although, if we're honest, it's normally...

Italy Digital Detox Retreat
19 Oct
5 Things That Happen To You on a Digital Detox Retreat

We're back from another successful digital detox retreat. Much like our guests, we're feeling renewed and restored after spending a few days offline, focusing on ourselves. For those thinking of going on a retreat, it can be hard to know what to expect. So, we've...

Mindfulness techniques for beginners
12 Oct
3 Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners

Meditation and mindfulness have become buzzwords over the last few years. Yet, they're nothing new, forming integral parts of many religious practices and beliefs. To practise meditation means to pursue an internal effort to train the mind or focus on a feeling of consciousness and presence...

How to improve your focus
05 Oct
How To Stay Focused in the Digital Era

Staying focused on one task at a time is becoming increasingly more difficult in the 24/7 digital era. Our demanding digital devices and immediate 'Googling' culture have helped erode our attention span so extensively that now goldfish can concentrate for longer than we can. Yes, really! Most...

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