How To Phone Detox in 5 Steps

How to phone detox

15 Feb How To Phone Detox in 5 Steps

When we talk about digital detox, we’re talking about cutting down our tech time across all screens and devices. However, when it comes to zapping our time, focus and efficiency, the biggest screen-based offender is our smartphones. Given the amount of time we spend on these tiny rectangles and how reliant we are on what they contain, a digital detox for many starts with a phone detox. Feel like becoming less addicted to your phone? Starting to notice how endless scrolling is eating into precious time with loved ones or distracting your from doing a good job at work or school? It’s time for a phone detox!

Another consequence of our screen habit is that we’re impatient, accustomed to a culture of instant gratification and fast WiFi. So, let’s keep it short and sweet. We’ve put together a list of easy, quick and effective steps to phone detox, to look back on when you need them most.

How to cut down how much time you spend on your phone

How to phone detox in 5 steps:


1.Turn off unnecessary notification alerts

Want to take back control of when you check your phone and give yourself the best chance of focusing on other tasks? Of course, you do! Go to your settings and switch off notifications for apps that share unnecessary alerts – the ones you never read. Then, turn your phone to mute and turn off vibration alerts entirely.

2. Go grayscale

Fed up with wasting your evenings on Instagram? Turning your display to grayscale is a great way to make your phone less appealing and remind you that you’re scrolling. Having to physically switch your screen back to colour will make it less likely that you do.

3. Be ruthless with your apps

Whether Facebook is your nemesis, or you’re known for sending emails in bed, a true phone detox involves cleansing your smartphone of time-draining apps. Pick the apps that you think you spend too much time on and delete them from your phone.

4. Follow a solo screen rule

We’re all guilty of being sat on the sofa multi-screening. That means watching tv while using your phone at the same time. Watching a good film? Enjoy it and put your phone away. Plus, everyone hates the person who asks what’s happening every five minutes!

5. Use the time you normally waste more wisely

Our phones don’t just distract us when we’re trying to get things done, but they’re also our go-to activity when we’re bored or waiting for something. Think about all the time spent commuting on your phone, or waiting for someone? A phone detox is about using your phone when you really need to. Why not use this time to do something much productive, like writing a to-do list? Or, swap your phone for a good book on your commute and start your post-work unwind early.

For many of us, a digital detox starts with resetting our balance with our smartphones. Kick off your phone detox with the steps above and enjoy more time, better focus and productivity. Are you ready to put your phone in its place?

How To Phone Detox in 5 Steps
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How To Phone Detox in 5 Steps
Glued to your phone? Often, digital detox starts with a phone detox. Here's how to cut down your mobile screen time in five steps.
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