Make your Presence the Present in 2022

presence not presents at Christmas

20 Dec Make your Presence the Present in 2022

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It’s only a few sleeps to Christmas and the usual panic present buying has set in at Time To Log Off HQ, and we’re sure at your house too..? But every year we like to stop and ask ourselves, what is it that our friends and family really want from us this Christmas – and if we ask them we usually find it’s not something that can be put in a box and wrapped with a ribbon on top.

The Internet has helped us stay connected with those we love thousands of miles away, and every festive season we’re very grateful for it. But it often distracts us from the people right in front of us, who really want, and need, our attention.

So every year, our annual #PresenceNotPresents digital detox challenge is all about helping you remember what matters most. Switch off your devices, put down your phones and give your undivided attention to those you love.

Let’s Make This Christmas About Presence Not Presents

presence not presents: Christmas digital detox

Tip 1: Rediscover analogue pleasures

Reading a book, playing a board game – those aren’t just things the younger members of your family will enjoy. Card and board games for older adults are having a bit of a boom as we all rediscover the joy of spending a bit of time away from a screen. Have a night where everyone gets to choose their favourite analogue game and you all play a few rounds.

Tip 2: Put the phone in a drawer

It’s incredibly hard to stop scrolling when your smartphone or tablet is still in your hand – or tucked in a pocket where you can feel its insistent presence. Put your device in a drawer in a separate room from the one your loved ones are in, and notice how much easier it is for you to fully be present.

Tip 3: Get off screens and get outside

Sometimes the most meaningful conversations can happen when we’re strolling along with someone we love, with no particular agenda or place to go. And connecting with nature is one of the very best things we can all do for our mental health. When the frenzy of festive eating and drinking just gets too much, lead an escape party outside and suggest a walk in the cold air to refresh everyone.

Tip 4: Give your time

Not everyone is going to be surrounded by love and support this season. Look around at your community and see if there’s anyone you could give an extra helping hand to, or even involve in your own family fun. Volunteering to do some shopping for an elderly neighbour, or helping clear their front path to spruce up their house, may only take minutes from your day but make a big difference to their peace of mind.

As we cocoon with our families and friends at the end of 2022, we’d like to invite you to be part of the digital detox movement and focus on presence not presents this holidays. And, as you go in to 2023, let’s all continue to look for opportunities to stop scrolling and make a deeper connection with those we love.

Make your Presence the Present in 2022
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Make your Presence the Present in 2022
Our seasonal digital detox challenge is to give the most meaningful present you can give - your presence. Presence not Presents is our motto at the end of 2022.
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Time To Log Off
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