5 Achievable Digital Detox Resolutions for 2018

Digital Detox Resolutions for 2018

01 Jan 5 Achievable Digital Detox Resolutions for 2018

  1. 5 Achievable Digital Detox Resolutions for 2018
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Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic festive period and enjoyed a #ChristmasUnplugged with us. The start of a new calendar year is the perfect time to make new plans, goals and changes to your lifestyle. While many may be thinking of getting back in shape or taking up a new hobby, we’re proposing five achievable digital detox resolutions that will actually support all your other ambitions for 2018. How? Reducing your tech time, or simply making it more efficient and using screens when you really need them, will leave you with heaps of extra time and energy to channel into your other goals.

Let’s make 2018 the year of switching OFF and feeling happier and healthier!

5 Digital Detox Resolutions for a Healthier 2018

#1 Stop using screens at the dinner table

Phones at the table are conversation killers. Family dinners are important for sharing, listening and learning about each other. Using your phone is just plain rude! This habit often transfers to dinners out with friends too, so banish them from the dining table whether you’re at home or in a restaurant and opt for #PhoneFreeFood.

#2 Switch your smartphone for a paperback in bed

We don’t need to tell you how important sleep is to your wellbeing, health and how happy and energetic you feel! After a stressful, busy day, falling into bed only to swipe through your smartphone keeps your brain feeling alert, meaning you might find it more difficult to unwind and nod off. Give yourself time to switch OFF and swap your phone for a good, old fashioned book!

Digital Detox Resolutions for Better Sleep

#3 Lead by example

Fed up with your family always being on their phones and tablets? Can’t tear your teen away from Instagram and Snapchat? A good place to start a family digital detox is reflecting on your own tech use. If you’re telling them to unplug while tapping away at your own phone, you probably won’t get a happy response!

#4 Spring clean your smartphone

This is one of the most immediate digital detox resolutions that you can try right now! Scrutinise your phone – which apps do you use the most? Which are just taking up space? Remove any apps you haven’t used in the past month. Now, delete the one you feel that distracts you the most (including email, social media and games!) – when you really want to check your updates you’ll have to log in via the browser or on a laptop.  If you can’t bear to take email off your phone, go through your inbox and unsubscribe to marketing emails that you never read. We feel like we’ve been inundated this year with sale emails – it’s time to free up your inbox! Finally, go through your contacts list on your phone and on social media. Who do you never speak to? It’s time to unfriend!

Streamlining your smartphone removes unnecessary and unwanted distractions from notifications you really don’t need to read. And with less to draw you in, you’ll find yourself spending less time scrolling and more time living!

Digital Detox New Year's Resolutions

#5 Use your phone’s features to help you detox

We never recommend using apps to help you log off – it’s counterproductive! But, you can make your phone less appealing or distracting using the features it already has. Turning your display to grey scale will make your apps less interesting, while muting notifications when you’re not expecting any calls means you won’t be distracted with every buzz or chime. And finally, setting night mode in the evening makes your display warmer, meaning you’ll be less affected by the blue light emitted from your device which keeps you feeling alert.

With these five digital detox resolutions you’ll soon be on your way to a more healthy balance with technology in 2018. Good luck!

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5 Achievable Digital Detox Resolutions for 2018
Looking for New Year's Resolutions you'll actually stick to? Try our achievable digital detox resolutions for a healthier balance with technology in 2018.
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