How to stop your smartphone addiction from destroying your relationship

Beat phone addiction and log off for love

01 Jun How to stop your smartphone addiction from destroying your relationship

On the 29th June, it will have been 10 years since the first iPhone was released. In the build up to the smartphone’s anniversary, we’re reflecting on the ways in which our lifestyles have changed in the past decade.

Without a doubt, our relationships are a huge part of our lives and have seen a great impact from our ever-growing phone addiction. Many would argue that our phones have made us more sociable, better connected and more easily reachable. Yet, our smartphones are also replacing the need for much of our day-to-day human interaction. We probably talk to Siri more than some friends! We no longer need to ask for directions from strangers and can manage just about anything, including our finances, from a tiny app. Many of these developments have been extremely convenient, but it’s scary that we don’t actually need to leave the house or physically talk to anyone to get things done!

Beat phone addiction with phone-free dates

How to stop your smartphone addiction from ruining your relationships

Our dependency on the convenience of our smartphones is also having a negative impact on our relationships. Our partners are often ‘third-wheeling’ to our phone addiction, as we phubb (phone-snub) them in preference for whatever is happening on-screen. 20% of young adults have even admitted to using their phone during sex. This paints a pretty sad picture of modern-day romance. But, don’t worry! We’ve got some great advice on how a digital detox can prevent your smartphone from ruining your relationship.

Go on phone-free dates

Using your phone when you’re in the presence of your other half means that you are less connected and more distracted. You’ll be multi-tasking (something our brains aren’t build for, by the way) and paying them less attention. We all know how it feels when you’re trying to tell someone something important, but they’re absorbed in their screen – it’s not nice! One of the best ways to stop your phone addiction from ruining your relationship is to dedicate real one-on-one time to each other. Leave your phone at home when you go out for a walk (nature is a great antidote to technology overuse) or keep your phone in your bag when having dinner together.

Is your phone addiction ruining your relationship?

Ban your smartphones from your bedroom

We’ve written heaps on how using your phone before bed leads to poor sleep (and feeling grumpy the next day!). However, we’d also advise banning your phone from your bedroom to give yourselves time to reflect and discuss your days, especially if you’re struggling to find time for a phone-free date. A smartphone-free bedroom also means spending relaxed, intimate time together, uninterrupted by work-related messages and other stress-inducers.

How to choose your partner over your phone

Talk through problems in person

It’s never a good idea to start an argument or try and discuss a sensitive subject via text or instant message. Without being with a person, it’s difficult to gauge their mood and things are often typed in the heat of the moment. Relationships are all about communication, and relying upon your smartphone to communicate issues is a dangerous game. Talk through problems in person and you’ll find they are resolved much more easily.

Our other halves deserve our full attention. Try a digital detox for better face-to-face communication and quality time spent together. You could even give our log off for love challenge a go!

How to stop your smartphone addiction from destroying your relationship
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How to stop your smartphone addiction from destroying your relationship
Our smartphones can have a huge impact on the quality of our relationships. We share how to stop your phone addiction from ruining your relationships.
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