The 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

30 day digital detox challenge

29 Dec The 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge

We run regular digital detox campaigns, designed to find inspiring ways to introduce online:offline balance in your life. Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge is all about introducing you to some simple ways to develop a healthy relationship with your phone in 2018!

The New Year brings a renewed focus on health and wellness after all the excesses of the festive season. This year, when you’re thinking about your health and fitness plans we want you to encourage you to look at your relationship with your phone too.

With evidence piling up on the impact overuse of smartphones is having on both our physical and mental health we believe any wellness regime also needs to look at setting healthy boundaries around technology. And that’s where our 30 day challenge comes in!

Working day-by-day over the 30 day period (starting 1st January) we will be bringing you, on our YouTube channel, daily tips and suggestions for logging-off. Quick 10-15 sec clips that will build into a complete library of challenges. We hope that at the end of the 30 days you will have found something that works for you to help you get more time off screen this year.

While you are waiting for the 30 day challenge to start on the 1st of January here are our top three tips for preparation.

#1 Remove temptations

smartphone in drawer

We know that when you decide to start a healthy eating regime you’d clear your kitchen and fridge of all unhealthy options, and we understand that that’s going to be impossible for technology. After all, you probably use it every day, like we do. So what we suggest is that you start thinking now of a good place to put your phone and tablet when you’re spending time offline during the 30 day challenge. It could be in a designated drawer, a cupboard, another room, or simply out of sight in your bag. It’s going to be a lot easier for you carrying out the challenges if your smartphone simply isn’t visible. Start thinking now of that ‘safe’ place.

#2 Commit to your digital detox challenge

Making a commitment to doing the challenge and sharing it with family and friends will really help with your motivation and determination. Of course, if you want to keep it to yourself that’s fine too. But whichever approach you choose make a commitment to yourself that you’ll take part in the full 30 days to explore how you could be using technology in a more healthy way in 2018. We guarantee there will be something in the challenge that you’ll find inspiring and easy to implement.

#3 Buy an alarm clock

alarm clock digital detox

Honestly, we say this so often we feel like a cracked record but if there was only one digital detox tip we could give you it would be this! So often phones are encroaching on our rest and sleep time because they’re in our bedrooms. And they’re in our bedrooms because we use them as alarm clocks. So do yourself a favour and buy a cheap one before you start the challenge. The guests on our digital detox retreats absolutely rave about the quality of sleep they get away from their phones and we know you will too.

Keep an eye out for the start on the 30 day challenge in January and share how you’re getting on using the #30daydigitaldetoxchallenge hashtag online!

30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
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30 Day Digital Detox Challenge
Our 30 Day Digital Detox Challenge will help you set boundaries around your technology use and develop a healthy relationship with your phone.
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