4 Common Excuses For Not Trying Digital Detox

With so many benefits, what's your reason for not trying a digital detox?

11 Nov 4 Common Excuses For Not Trying Digital Detox

At Time To Log Off, we share a whole host of reasons to unplug and take frequent breaks breaks from the digital world. Our site and blog is packed full of motivation to try digital detox; from improved sleep quality to caring for your mental wellbeing and practising mindfulness. With all these benefits and the evidence that is stacking up on how technology overuse can affect us and our children, why are we still hesitant to give digital detox a go? To remind you what digital detox is really all about, we’re troubleshooting a few common excuses we hear from those who haven’t yet tried logging off. You might just find, going off-grid is much less scary than you think!

Too busy to digital detox?

#1 “What if there’s an emergency?”

This is something we hear frequently. After becoming accustomed to being reachable at all times, it can induce anxiety to go off-grid. It’s certainly true that one of the great benefits of mobile phones is how they can help us out in times of emergency. To give our retreat guests peace of mind, we provide an emergency telephone contact number for the accommodation we’re staying at while we’re away. And if you’re trying a digital detox at home, chances are you have a landline to use for back-up. Remember: a digital detox can be done in short bursts or stages, you don’t have to go offline for days at a time to feel the benefits of unplugging – though, it’s definitely blissful!

Common excuses for not trying a digital detox

#2 “I’m too busy”

Another common excuse for not trying digital detox is being too busy to go offline. Would you like to make a little more space in your schedule? Unplugging can actually help you to achieve this by becoming more productive and less likely to be distracted. Notifications from our smartphones and attention-seeking digital devices ebb away at our focus, meaning tasks can take longer and become more prone to mistakes. And if you’re still struggling to see how going off-grid can fit into your busy routine, try our guide on how to digital detox, designed with busy people in mind.

#3 “I need to stay in contact with work”

Smartphones are fantastic for keeping on top of your emails and work-related messages on the go, yet they’ve also encouraged the line between work and leisure to become increasingly blurred. We all have to work long hours from time to time, but being ‘always on’ and frequently replying to emails late into the evening promotes stress and prevents your mind from unwinding – something that’s  important for creativity. If you’re looking for more eureka moments in the boardroom, commit to not checking your emails after 8 or 9pm – you’ll find you sleep better, too.

Common excuses for not trying digital detox and why you should

#4 “Digital Detox? I’m not that addicted”

Our digital devices and the apps inside them are designed to be addictive. While some of us may be more “addicted” to the internet, social media or smartphones than others, we’d say it’s pretty likely that the majority would like to spend less time behind screens. Especially as it’s estimated that we tap, swipe and click on digital our devices a huge 2,617 times a day. And again, digital detox isn’t as radical as it sounds. It’s not about doing away with your devices, it’s about recognising how your digital habits can make you feel and adjusting your screen use from time to time to give mind, body and soul a break.

Ready to get started? That’s more like it! Discover some easy tips to kick-start your digital detox.

4 Common Excuses For Not Trying Digital Detox
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4 Common Excuses For Not Trying Digital Detox
We dispel some common excuses for not trying a digital detox and encourage you to join the unplugged movement!
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