3 Tips For Embracing #JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

The Joy of Missing Out (from social media and the digital world)

25 Oct 3 Tips For Embracing #JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

Move over FOMO, it’s all about JOMO! FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is exasperated by our 24/7 smartphone culture. If we get a notification, we’re anxious to read or open it for fear of missing out on news. Although, if we’re honest, it’s normally nothing exciting – yet, we just can’t resist. And it’s not just about staying the loop, there’s an immense social pressure to document how much fun we’re having on social media. Not updated your Instagram or Snapchat Story in a few weeks? You must be boring! We compare ourselves to others online and worry that we’re not keeping up when friends post another ‘going out’ photo.

Yet, our retreat guests find that when they join us for a digital detox break, going offline for a while is hugely freeing and rejuvenating. In fact, they realise that they don’t miss out on anything important! And that going off-grid (or just having some quiet time alone) is important for letting your mind relax and unwind, helping you find better perspective and balance with technology.

The Joy of Missing Out

At Time To Log Off, we’re strong believers in JOMO – the joy of missing out. There’s no need to feel guilty for wanting a night in or a break from social media, in fact, it’s the key to surviving in the digital world, especially for Gen Z. We’re sharing 3 great tips for embracing JOMO, as after all, #OfflineIsTheNewLuxury.

#1 Turn off your notifications

Please do not disturb. Turn off the notifications on your biggest offending apps – probably the news and social media. While staying informed news-wise is important, we’re constantly digesting bad news from all over the world, from first thing in the morning, until last thing at night. It often leaves us with the impression that the planet is going to self-implode at any moment and overshadows positive, uplifting stories. Limit your app and news checking throughout the day to see your mood improve.

Turn off your notifications to embrace JOMO

#2 Be conscious

JOMO is all about making conscious decisions, whether that’s around your tech use or accepting invitations to events you don’t want to go to. Say goodbye to mindless scrolling, flicking through Instagram stars’ perfect feeds and the need to go out just for the sake of it. Every time you reach for your device, especially when bored, ask yourself if the social media or browsing session you’re about to initiate is useful to your day. No? Spare yourself another celebrity news story or moany tweet and do something else.

#3 Don’t feel guilty

As our digital detox retreats begin, guests are anxious that their loved ones may need to reach them and feel guilty for not being contactable. The third step to embracing JOMO is not feeling guilty. Our digital culture has made it the norm to be reachable via social media and email at all times, wherever we are. We apologise saying “sorry for the late reply“, but what are we sorry for? Having a life? The same goes for a social event you feel obliged to go to. If you’d feel more fulfilled staying at home with your family, why bother?

We hope you’re inspired to embrace JOMO and conscious decision making – it’s so worth it! If going off-grid sounds like your idea of heaven, why not join us for a digital detox retreat or workshop? They’re completely tech and notification free!


3 Tips for Embracing #JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out
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3 Tips for Embracing #JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out
Our digital world has created a culture of FOMO, but we much prefer JOMO - the joy of missing out! We share 3 tips to help you embrace JOMO and going off-grid guilt-free.
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Time To Log Off
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