Our 2017 Digital Detox Gift Guide for a #ChristmasUnplugged


07 Dec Our 2017 Digital Detox Gift Guide for a #ChristmasUnplugged

Before you groan at the sight of another gift guide, let us tell you that this is not just any gift guide. This is a digital detox inspired gift guide, packed with present ideas for a #ChristmasUnplugged. That’s a Christmas where we really do celebrate festive cheer and quality time spent with family. It’s a Christmas where we down our devices, allow ourselves to recharge for the year ahead and feel present. If you know someone who needs a little help logging off this festive season, or if you want to stand yourself in good stead for 2018, our digital detox gift edit is for you!

Think Trigg’s Life Mapper

TTLO Gift Guide: Think Trigg Life Mapper

You might remember Think Trigg’s Life Mapper, we featured it in our Digital Detox Friends series. This thoughtfully crafted page-a-day productivity journal is designed for those who are stressed professionally and suffer from digitall distraction. If you know someone who has big plans but keeps putting them off because they’re snowed under, the Life Mapper is the perfect gift. It blends productivity, mindfulness and gratitude to help us work towards our goals. And if you’re not already sold , Think Trigg recently won Best 2018 Diary at the UK Calendar Awards!

Our lovely readers can enjoy 10% off their Life Mapper if you enter the discount code LOGOFF10 at the checkout.

Action for Happiness’ 10 Keys for Happier Living Book

10 Keys to Happier Living Book

Written by Vanessa King, Action for Happiness’ positive psychology expert, the 10 Keys to Happier Living book is based on scientific research and offers practical steps to follow to become a happier person. In itself, reading is a digital detox-approved activity which is great for the mind. And it’s even better if you can prioritise your well-being while doing it! If you know someone who has had a particularly tough 2017, 10 Keys for Happier Living makes for a thoughtful gift.

AC01 Alarm Clock by Punkt

Digital Detox Gift Guide: Punkt Alarm Clock

We often share how our smartphones and late-night scrolling habits affect our sleep. Our no. 1 tip is to banish your smartphone from your bedroom and invest in a real alarm clock instead. You avoid reaching for your devices in the middle of the night, they’re no longer the first thing you grab in the morning and you may actually read a book in bed instead! Yes, scrolling late at night is one of the reasons you can’t switch off… Our alarm clock of choice? Punkt’s ACo1 alarm clock. You might know Punkt as the designers of analogue dumb phones, but their bid to help us find balance with our screens doesn’t stop there. The ACo1 alarm clock is simple, yet extremely user-friendly and stylish. It’s the perfect digital detox gift for the sleep deprived. We take them on our retreats and our guests love them.

 #digitaldetox Notebook by Pocket Notebooks

#digitaldetox notebooks - Christmas gift guide

We love Pocket Notebook’s slogan “Forget the App, there’s a Pocket Notebook for that…” It’s SO true. Our smartphones are designed to make our lives easier, but we reckon they often over complicate them! For those who need a little nudge to get creative again, Pocket Notebooks’ pack of #digitaldetox notebooks with dotted pages are the ideal home for doodles and daydreams. Perfect stocking fillers!

OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life

OFF. Your Digital Detox For A Better Life.

We couldn’t resist mentioning our own digital detox book, OFF. Being pocket-sized, it really is a fantastic stocking filler for all the family. OFF is packed with digital detox insight and tips to help readers stop scrolling and start living. The beautiful pictures and quotes will have readers itching to put down their devices and get outdoors to explore. It’s the perfect antidote to our screen obsession – even if we are a little biased!

FuelBox Friends Game

FuelBox Friends - Digital Detox gift guide

Are you fed up with your group of friends always being on their phones when socialising? If you miss real, meaningful conversation and a deeper connection with your loved ones, FuelBox Friends is a great gift you can enjoy as a group. FuelBox Friends features a mix of 170 humorous, serious and engaging questions that are designed to delve a little deeper than the rehearsed scenarios and answers we usually give. A real chance to strengthen relationships with friends is wonderfully refreshing in our digital world of emojis and instant messaging. FuelBox also offer boxes for couples and family – our relationships that are most often neglected through our phone and tech habits.

The Passive-Aggressive Colouring Book: (for people who just don’t get the whole calm thing)

Passive Aggressive Colouring Book: Digital Detox Gift Guide

And finally, Charlotte Farmer’s Passive-Aggressive colouring book. It’s a fab stocking filler for teens and young adults – even if they think mindfulness is not their thing! Through brilliantly witty and humorous illustrations, this alternative colouring book encourages screen junkies to switch off and de-stress.

So, there you have it, an inspiring list of gifts that will help you and your loved ones switch off and reconnect this festive season. Join us and celebrate a #ChristmasUnplugged!


Our 2017 Digital Detox Gift Guide for a #ChristmasUnplugged
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Our 2017 Digital Detox Gift Guide for a #ChristmasUnplugged
We share some of our favourite digital detox-inspired gifts for a #ChristmasUnplugged.
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