7 simple tips to connect more with nature

19 Aug 7 simple tips to connect more with nature

In our increasingly urbanised, fast-paced, ever-connected world, it seems harder and harder to get back to nature and appreciate the earth around us. By reconnecting with nature, you’ll reduce your stress levels and have a calmer, simpler, all-round-happier existence. And who wouldn’t want that?

Spending time in a natural environment has been proven to reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate, ease muscle tension and boost our immune systems. One study found that 95% of interviewees were in better moods after spending time outside, going from depressed and anxious to calm and balanced. What’s more, research has shown that even just having a plant in a school or office can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety levels of those inside.

With our digital devices increasingly acting as the hub of our daily lives, factoring in times away from a screen and outside in nature is more crucial than ever.

Here are 7 simple ways to connect more with nature:

1. Eat your lunch in a park. Take a screen-break, get some fresh air and appreciate the nature around you while you munch.

2. Keep a plant on your desk. A spot of greenery or a beautiful bloom will help create a relaxing, calm working environment.

3. Grow your own veg in a window box. No garden? No problem! Get yourself a cheap window box and create your own mini veg-patch.

4. Stop and smell the flowers. Next time you walk past some flowers in a neighbour’s front garden, stop and appreciate their beautiful aroma for a moment.

5. Borrow a dog. Having a dog is a great way to make sure you get outside every day, and studies have shown that dog-owners have significantly lower stress-levels than those without four-legged woofing friends. Sign up to Borrow My Doggy today!

6. Walk barefoot. Whether in a field, forest or park, let your feet really feel the ground below.

7. Look up at the night sky. Even if in a city on a cloudy night when you can’t see all the stars in the sky, make a point of finding the moon.

Want to know more? Check out our 6 reasons you need to go outside in nature. Now. 

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