Digital Detox – You’re Probably Doing It WRONG

Digital Detox - Are You Doing It Wrong?

22 Jun Digital Detox – You’re Probably Doing It WRONG

As the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone’s release draws ever nearer, we’ve been reflecting on the ways in which our lifestyles have changed in tandem with our growing technology dependency. Raising awareness of this is a founding principle of Time To Log Off, as is helping people to unplug and introduce digital detox into their daily lives. Recently we’ve written a lot about the benefits of unplugging for your mental health, quality of sleep, relationships and work-life balance. But, do you do you know what digital detox really means and how to go about it?

How To Digital Detox

Digital Detox Myth-Busting

We run popular digital detox retreats where guests give in all their digital devices and completely disconnect from technology for a few days. While this is hugely revitalising, digital detox also means taking regular breaks from technology on a much smaller scale. It’s a common misconception that unplugging makes you anti-technology and those who use it! This couldn’t be further from the truth. Digital detox is about improving your lifestyle, and as a result overall health and happiness, by making small changes to your daily routine. For example, going out for a walk without your phone to clear your mind, or not using your smartphone in bed if you struggle to get to sleep. In other words, digital detox isn’t about turning all Luddite and throwing away your mobile phone!

How To Unplug

Digital Detox For Busy People

For those leading busy lives (most of us, let’s be honest), contemplating a digital detox can seem like yet another task to fit into your day. Chances are, if you feel like that, you’re exactly the kind of person who would benefit from more downtime from our ‘always-on’ culture (your brain, too).  Here are some easy ways to incorporate digital detox into your day or week:

  • Read a book in bed rather than flick through your phone
  • Make it a rule that phones are not allowed at the dining table
  • Leave your phone at home and go for a short walk
  • Chat to someone on the train instead of being engrossed in your phone
  • Make your bathroom a tech-free zone
  • Make the effort to spend one evening a week doing something other than watching TV
  • Set aside fifteen minutes a day to do something mindful (e.g. yoga, journal writing etc) or absolutely nothing at all!
  • Ignore your phone when you’re with friends and give them your undivided attention
  • Turn off all notifications, or at least those which are not urgent
  • Pledge not to check your work emails after 7pm

Add mini digital detoxes to your day

You’ll soon see that these little life hacks can have a big impact on your overall well-being. You’ll also be able to take a step back and recognise when you’re at risk of digital burnout! Looking for more inspiration? Our 30-day digital detox challenge is full of small changes you can make to your daily routine. Again, the idea isn’t that you take them all on! Choose what works for you and try and stick to it.

We hope to have gone back to basics and explained what unplugging is really all about! And if it has come as surprise that digital detox doesn’t mean becoming an enemy to technology and abstaining altogether, you’ve definitely been doing it wrong!


Digital Detox – You’re Doing It WRONG
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Digital Detox – You’re Doing It WRONG
If you think you know what digital detox means, think again! We're going back to basics and explaining how you can incorporate digital detox into your daily routine.
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Time To Log Of
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