How To Incorporate Digital Detox Into Your Summer Holiday

How To Really Unplug On Holiday - Digital Detox

14 Jun How To Incorporate Digital Detox Into Your Summer Holiday

We love summer at Time To Log Off. It means longer days and warmer evenings for more time spent outside! We’ve been reflecting on summer holidays and how our escapes aren’t really the ‘escapes’ from reality they once were. Hands up, who still checks their work email on holiday? And who only books accommodation with Wi-Fi to be able to do this very thing? As many as 60% of us say that a traditional holiday doesn’t relieve our work-related stress as we keep in contact with our work colleagues. In fact, 38% of us can’t last one day on holiday without checking our emails, either work or personal. Fifteen years ago, this would never have been expected, but today, many of us feel an immense pressure to remain contactable even when lying on the beach.

Annual leave is precious, so why are we wasting it? We believe our digital addiction has created an ‘always-on’ culture – an innate fear of missing out when disconnected from the online world and our messaging apps. Ironically, though, we rarely ever miss out on anything when away – something our retreat guests always mention! The messages you receive during a period of time spent unplugged seem trivial. And as your holiday has most likely been booked for a while, anything urgent should be passed to someone else. What can you really do from the poolside?

Spend Summer Unplugged

How to really unplug on your summer holiday

Taking a break from work should be synonymous with unplugging from the digital world. Both are extremely important for reducing stress levels, looking after your mental health and allowing you to return home recharged and refreshed. Plus, incorporating digital detox into your summer holiday supports important, uninterrupted quality time with your loved ones. Not sure how to go about this other than by throwing your phone in the swimming pool? Don’t worry! We’ve got some great tips for both adults and children.

Ensure your colleagues know you won’t be reachable

If you leave the office saying you might be able to pick up a couple of emails, it’s game over. Tell colleagues you’ve booked somewhere without Wi-Fi and you will be 100% off-grid. If you normally reply when you’re on annual leave, you’ve given your colleagues the impression they can still reach you. And trust us, they will email! Don’t give them the excuse.

Spend you summer holiday relaxing not working

Remove work email from your phone

If you can’t resist the temptation to check your email. Remove them from your phone all together. This will make it extremely difficult and time-consuming to access your messages, meaning you’re much less likely to bother.

Take an unplugged, digital detox inspired summer vacation

Choose accommodation with no or poor Wi-Fi

If you can get online, you will. The best way to benefit from a proper digital detox is to remove all temptation. That means the internet! Choose accommodation which has no or poor Wi-Fi. Since 81% of people who go away with the intention to unplug say they have a better holiday because of the lack of connectivity, it’s a no-brainer!

We know, however, that it can be difficult to go off-grid as most consider a hotel or villa with Wi-Fi to be plus point. So, why not try our digital detox retreats? Everyone hands their phones in, leaving you time to reconnect with yourself, meet great people, enjoy beautiful surroundings and eat fantastic food. Heaven!

How to help your kids unplug on their summer holiday

The above is easier said than done when you have a family. For the past few years we have run a successful Summer Unplugged Challenge, helping families to unplug during the summer break. From creating phone-free zones at home to committing to getting outside more often, our infographic shares some great ways to switch off as a family.

Summer Unplugged Challenge for kids

We hope to have inspired you to have the relaxing, unplugged summer holiday that you deserve! If you need any more tips for logging off or want to learn more about the benefits of digital detox, our blog is jam-packed full of fantastic advice. Happy Holidaying!

How To Incorporate Digital Detox Into Your Summer Holiday
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How To Incorporate Digital Detox Into Your Summer Holiday
Take a digital detox inspired holiday to really relax and recharge this summer!
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