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5 reasons you need to take work email off your phone
18 Mar
4 reasons you need to take work email off your phone

We are all guilty of having our work emails on our phones, it might seem harmless - answering the odd email on our way to work, whilst cooking dinner or even on the weekend. But being constantly logged on and readily available to dive into...

10 Mar
Digital detox is essential self care for entrepreneurs

It seems like it's never been more popular to be an entrepreneur and there's a positive boom in cool start-ups. And despite the bricks and mortar emphasis of shows like The Apprentice and  Dragons' Den, increasing numbers of those start-ups are internet-based, operating entirely online. If...

02 Mar
8 analogue productivity tools for a digital age

At Time To Log Off we encourage you to disconnect from your digital devices on a regular basis and reconnect with the world offline. However, one of the reasons people give us for being permanently glued to their digital devices is that they need them...

Digital detox and multitasking
25 Feb
Digital detox and the multitasking myth

Are our brains flexible and plastic enough for multitasking? Or are they designed to focus on one thing at a time? We’ve become used to the idea that multitasking is a great way of getting things done faster, but is it actually doing more harm than...

What I learnt when I stopped texting for a day
18 Feb
4 ways smartphones are killing your attention span

Last year it was widely publicised that the attention span of a human has fallen to an all-time low - 8.25 seconds. This may not seem terrible, but when you consider that a goldfish has a 9-second attention span, it's quite appalling. But why is causing...

17 Feb
Are you at risk from digital burnout?

Work burnout, caused by stress levels that affect job performance is recognised and understood. But what if there is a specific type of burnout related to our 'always on' 'hyper-connected' lifestyles that could be the underlying factor to our rising levels of stress? Burnout and stress Simply...

yoga girl
27 Jan
2 big ways yoga improves focus and concentration

Yoga is a fantastic mind body exercise that focuses on building strength and flexibility and using controlled breathing to enhance both physical and mental wellbeing. Having a regular yoga practice can benefit your body in a variety of positive ways, including reducing stress, improving sleep...

anna wintour flip phone
25 Sep
The rise of the anti-smartphone

The celebrities championing digital detox and why you should take note With celebrities including pop star Rihanna, Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and actor Kate Beckinsale all having been spotted with retro mobile phones in recent months, it seems the backlash against the increasingly functional smartphone, driven...

17 Sep
Smartphones make us anxious, unfit and less successful

Whilst a need for a digital detox shown by an inability to stop scrolling, tapping and swiping at a tiny screen used to be the preserve of teenagers, more and more older generations are now as guilty as the youth of today when it comes...