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How to improve your focus
05 Oct
How To Stay Focused in the Digital Era

Staying focused on one task at a time is becoming increasingly more difficult in the 24/7 digital era. Our demanding digital devices and immediate 'Googling' culture have helped erode our attention span so extensively that now goldfish can concentrate for longer than we can. Yes, really! Most...

Tips to switch off after work
15 Sep
How to switch off after work

Having one of those weeks? Work deadlines snapping at your heels? We've all been there. So, in our next handy 'how to' guide, we're sharing how to switch off after work - something which has become paradoxically more difficult, yet more essential than ever. Technology and...

A guide to digital detox for busy people
24 Aug
How to Digital Detox: A Guide for Busy People

If you've landed on this blog, you know it's time to learn more about 'how to digital detox', the act of re-balancing your relationship with technology. You've started to notice that you're spending more and more time online, perhaps at the expense of more important...

digital detox
15 Sep
5 entrepreneur fans of digital detox

At Time To Log Off, we talk about the importance of disconnecting from your devices and reconnecting with the real world around you. How do we suggest you do that? From attending digital detox retreats to simply logging off at home, we've loaded you with hundreds...

digital detox shoes in front of lake
08 Sep
4 astonishing ways digital detox boosts productivity

As a nation, we're addicted to technology. We can't seem to put down our smartphones, even when we're at dinner with friends. And, with half of all UK adults admitting to being 'completely hooked' on their smartphones, we all believe our addiction is normal. The reality is...

Digital Detox
01 Sep
Your work-life balance needs digital detox

Increasingly it seems that in our 'always on' culture we can't put down our phones, even when we're on holiday. The need to keep up to date on work emails or make that quick phone call from the beach is something that many of us...

6 bits of trouble email has got me into trouble
16 Jun
6 ways email has got me into trouble

This post is part of a lighter series aimed at getting us to put down our tech, where we look at how our digital devices often get us in trouble.  If there is something I do a lot, it's send emails. Day in, day out. When you're...

01 Jun
4 signs you’re at risk from digital burnout

What is digital burnout? Burnout is a psychological term that can refer to long-term exhaustion, as well as diminished interest in your work. Typically, burnout is the result of chronic occupational stress. These stresses overload the mind and therefore have other effects on the body. Digital burnout...

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