6 ways email has got me into trouble

6 bits of trouble email has got me into trouble

16 Jun 6 ways email has got me into trouble

This post is part of a lighter series aimed at getting us to put down our tech, where we look at how our digital devices often get us in trouble

If there is something I do a lot, it’s send emails. Day in, day out. When you’re sending that many emails in a day you’re bound to make a mistake every once in a while, from a small typo to automatically putting an ‘x’ at the end of an email to your boss. Here are a few ways email has got me into trouble, I’m sure you’ve all experienced some of these too.

#1 Forwarded back to the person who sent it

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We’ve all been there, getting an email from somebody quite high up that you don’t agree with, not one little bit. I’ve had a few emails from management that I don’t agree with, one that angered me a bit more than normal. Rather than shrugging it off, I forwarded it to a colleague with the subject line “Can you believe this? Is he serious!!!”. One problem, I forwarded it straight back to him! Needless to say our next meeting was very uncomfortable.

#2 Forgot to send the attachment


Not the biggest mistake I’ve ever made, but when you’re sending emails back and forth all day it’s so easy to forget to attach a file. No big deal right, usually you just get a kind reminder from the recipient asking you to send the file over.

One time I worked on an amazing presentation for a good few days and finished it the evening before I had to present, emailed it to myself and went home to catch up on lost sleep before the big day. Luckily for me, I checked my email on the train there. And yes, you guessed it, I forget to attach the presentation, 10 points to me. I had to get someone to log on to my PC and send it over, crisis averted.

#3 Put the wrong name at the top of an email

Sending out ‘personal’ emails is much nicer than a generic bulk email titled ‘Hi guys…’ but writing 30 different emails about the exact same opportunity is tedious. A quick copy and paste job is the best way to tackle it – if only you remember to change the name. I’ve done this a fair few times (when will I learn?) and most of the times the person is so polite and just overlooks it. I have had a couple of people abruptly tell me “My name is Suzie NOT Laura and I’m not interested.” Oops. Sorry…

#4 Put a kiss at the end of an email

We all try to multitask at work, texting our girlfriends to check what time we’re meeting for dinner whilst writing an email to our boss. You might thank multitasking helps you speed up tasks but trust me, it doesn’t. You can’t fully concentrate on both things, as I realised when I signed off my email to my boss with ‘xoxo’. It wasn’t the type of slip that I almost lost my job over, just a little bit embarrassing the next time we passed each other in the hallway…

#5 Forgot to proofread my emails


It’s easy to just hit send in a rush before proofreading an email, not a big deal when you’re sending an internal email about something work related. I’m sure your colleague isn’t going to go crazy over a small typo. But when I once emailed some potential investors about checking our budget but asked them to “check the budgie” it was slightly more of a big deal. Luckily they saw the funny side, so it could have been at lot worse.

#6 Not put my out of office on


There is nothing quite like the last day of work before you jet off for a week in the sun, the morning rush to get everything finished before you start to relax and get excited in the afternoon. As soon as the clock hits 5:30 you rush off without a care in the world. Just don’t forget to put your out of office on like I did. As if my return to rainy England wasn’t bad enough but to be greeted by hundreds of emails, 50 from our stationery supplier- no David I’m not ignoring you, yes I still want the printer toner. Chill.

Sometimes cutting back our tech time is a good thing, trying to clear your inbox every day and keeping it clear until the morning is unrealistic. At Time To Log Off we promote a healthy balance between your digital life and your life online. Our digital detox retreats are a great way to log off and step back from your emails. It will help you enjoy your life and stay out of trouble.

6 ways email has got me into trouble
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6 ways email has got me into trouble
Here are a few ways email has got me into trouble, I'm sure you've all experienced some of these too.
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