Tech Addiction

What is nomophobia
18 Jun
What is Nomophobia?

If you find yourself patting your pocket anxiously throughout your day to check you still have your phone, or explode with rage or stress when you can't find it then you might just be suffering from nomophobia. Never heard of it? You will do....

Internet Addiction
07 Jun
Will Apple and Google really fix our internet addiction?

Apple showcases 'Screen Time', Google launches 'Digital Wellbeing'. Will these two tech giants solve our internet addiction? Or is fighting tech with tech ignoring the bigger question about how the way we use tech is making so many people anxious and unhappy....

24 Apr
Are You a Toilet Texter?

With every addiction, there’s a recognition moment. Maybe it’s 10am and you’re cracking open a bottle of Stella; maybe you’re lighting one cigarette off of another; maybe you have replaced the bread in your sandwiches for potato waffles. Whether it's food, alcohol, cigarettes or technology,...

11 Apr
Is the Time Spent on Your Phone Really Time Well Spent?

At our latest count in the UK, 18-24-year-old women are now spending 88.5 hours a month looking at their smartphones. This might seem shockingly high, but stop to think that the average use across all age groups is now 65.3 hours a month on a...

How much time are you spending on your smartphone?
14 Mar
How much time are you spending on your smartphone?

Waiting for a bus? Friend a bit late? It’s easy to spend this otherwise seemingly wasted time unlocking your smartphone screen and just checking for little bits of information. Email, social media, perhaps the latest news – it hoovers up the nooks and crannies of...