The Best Morning Routine to Support Your Digital Wellbeing

23 Apr The Best Morning Routine to Support Your Digital Wellbeing

We know how hard it can be to get into the swing of a new digital routine after months out of practice, something that many of us are having to do as we move back to face to face working. So, we thought we would let you in on a few of our secrets to the best morning routine to support your digital wellbeing.

Buy an Alarm Clock

According to research in 2019 over 80% of us reach for our phone within 15 minutes of getting up (two years later we imagine that number is a whole lot higher!). As you are reading this, think back to this morning, how did you wake up and how did your morning routine go? We bet you picked up the phone much faster than 15 minutes after waking up, perhaps it was even your phone that woke you! After you finally stopped hitting snooze did you get out of bed immediately to face the day? Or did you lie and scroll for a while?

This is the problem with using your phone as an alarm clock, you start the day online and are already sucked into those bad digital habits which can then follow you throughout the day. So, we recommend buying a physical alarm clock instead. Once you have one you can even leave your phone outside the room until you have gotten up!

Stack behaviours

As we explained in our New Years Resolutions blog this year, one of the easiest ways to incorporate something into your routine is to tie it (or stack it on top of) another habit you already practice everyday. In terms of organising your morning routine for digital wellbeing we would suggest you pick an activity after which you can pick up your phone. For some this could be once you have brushed your teeth, or finished breakfast or even driven the kids to school- it is totally up to you, but if you tie it to an activity rather than a time it makes it much easier to manage as you will still get everything you need to done!

Replace phone time

If you are an early riser or have a lot of time in your morning routine generally then you may need to find activities and exercises to take up the time your phone would usually. This could be through practicing journaling, doing a little yoga each morning, reading, meal prepping or reading. The activity could be related to self-improvement or practicality, it doesn’t matter as long as you are filling up your time offscreen. Once you get used to the new habits (and their potential benefits) it will be much easier to remember to institute them.

Commute mindfully

This last one may be the hardest to practice as so many of us have been used to sitting on the train with our heads down in our phones for so long. However if you want the best morning routine for digital wellbeing you might wanna look into it. Many studies have proven that increased time spent online, even each minute of it, can lead to bad mental health, worsened sleep etc. So why not challenge this as we move back to working face to face and take that time for yourself. You could replace it with an analogue activity, or you could simply take some time to give your mind a break.

Whichever of these tips you take up to help support your digital detox journey in the mornings we hope you are successful and begin to see the benefits we have!

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