10 Questions That Will Help You in Your Digital Detox

20 Jun 10 Questions That Will Help You in Your Digital Detox

We all know how difficult digital detoxes can be, with many struggling to make it through the first few hours, let alone days and months which allow healthier habits to form. Throughout our blogs we have written a lot about techniques and tricks you can use to help you stay on track with your goals. However, we also know that it is your attitude and mental commitment above all else which will support you to stick to this challenge. So, we have put together some questions to help you digital detox effectively and maintain your habits long term.

1. Why am I doing this?

The first and most important question, as always, is the reason behind your aim to reduce screen time. Is it because you feel you are missing time with your family? Is it because your sleep is suffering? Perhaps you are unable to concentrate at work and are slowing in your ability to complete tasks? Or perhaps you are simply sick of spending hours a day on Instagram and want to take up other hobbies. Whatever your motivator may be – cling to it. Remind yourself daily of what you hope to achieve and make sure you tie each decision or action regarding phone usage to you goal.

2. What is important to me?

This question is similar to the first in that you must take a look at your life and prioritise your habits and commitments. If the reason you are taking part in a digital detox is for your family then remember to priorities them at all times over your screens. It can be easy to think ‘I’ll just do this first, and then get on to my other responsibilities’ but that behaviour prioritises your phone, so ensure you are giving the important areas of your life their true value.

3. Who do I want to emulate?

One of the best ways to keep yourself on track at the beginning is to pick someone in your life (be it a partner, colleague or family member) whose commitments are similar to yours and whose screen usage you admire. Once you have found this person you can ask them how they balance screen time with other responsibilities and then mimic that behaviour until you find your own groove.

4. Who can keep me accountable?

Again, linked to the question above is that of ascertaining who in your life you can rely on to keep you on track. For many it may be the very person you are emulating, or perhaps simply someone else you live with. You could carry out the digital detox together or just have them know your goals and keep an eye on you. However you choose to use them, these accountability buddies can be invaluable to help you digital detox.

5. Where can I cut out screen time?

As we have written many times before, one of the best ways to reduce your screen time is to limit your screen usage by location. For example, perhaps you don’t bring phones to the bathroom or the dinner table. Similarly you could commit to not using screens in the bedroom. Whichever spaces you ban screens from, the simple act of committing to a rule will help enormously.

6. When can I cut out screen time?

Similarly, another question to ask yourself is when you can remove screens from your day to day life. Perhaps this could be when you go to the shops, when you carry out a night/ morning routine, when you commute or when you eat. Again, whichever you choose make sure you stick to it so it can help you digital detox.

7. What are my milestones?

When you first start reducing screen time it can be hard to focus on the end goal of balance. So, we recommend you set yourself some milestones to work towards, so that it seems easier. This could be: ‘a day without mindlessly scrolling’ or ‘a week without using my phone on a commute’ once you have achieved these the next steps will seem easier.

8. How do I want to spend my time?

As you cut out more screen time your free time will expand beyond recognition. So, it’s important that you find hobbies or tasks to fill that time and keep you from reaching for your phone. These could include puzzles, reading, writing letters to friends and family, a new exercise regime or even board games. Whatever the new pastime may be, ensure that you enjoy it so that being off screens is worth it.

9. How can I get back on track if I lose my way?

All of us get off track at times, it is human. So one of the most important questions we want you to ask yourself is how you will get back to your goal if you lose your way. Will you kickstart it with a stricter digital detox? Or reward yourself with fun activities? Maybe you will seek advice from our podcast guests, or books. However you choose to re-motivate yourself, know that failure is part of the process and it is how you confront it that is the real test of your resolve.

10. What would success look like?

The most important question you must ask yourself as you continue on this journey and answer these questions to help you digital detox is what you are aiming for. As for your milestones, set a concrete aim for how you want to live, with parameters for time on screens or inversely time spent with the reason for getting off them. This will help you move forward – and achieve true digital balance.

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