Digital Detox Challenge for Valentine's Day
08 Feb
Valentine’s Day 2018: #LogOffForLove Digital Detox Challenge

It’s hard to miss the fact that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Offers and campaigns featuring roses and romance are flooding our email inboxes and social feeds. But, this year, wouldn’t it be nice to give your other half something altogether more meaningful? Our frequent readers...

Presence Not Presents Digital Detox Challenge
19 Dec
Unplug this Christmas with our #PresenceNotPresents Digital Detox Challenge

Our #PresenceNotPresents digital detox challenge returns for Christmas 2017! This challenge is all about spending meaningful quality time with loved ones during the festive season and recharging your own batteries for the year ahead. We're all guilty of being on our phones while chatting to...

07 Dec
Our 2017 Digital Detox Gift Guide for a #ChristmasUnplugged

Before you groan at the sight of another gift guide, let us tell you that this is not just any gift guide. This is a digital detox inspired gift guide, packed with present ideas for a #ChristmasUnplugged. That's a Christmas where we really do celebrate festive...

smartphone lovers
07 Feb
Valentine’s Day Digital Detox Challenge #LogOffForLove

As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, we've turned our attention to the state of modern day romance.  Technology has given many a helping hand in finding love through dating sites and apps like and Tinder. Since its conception, Tinder has recorded 25 million users...

28 Nov
Make Your Presence The Present – Digital Detox Challenge

Our Digital Detox Challenge series is designed to find inspiring ways to introduce a bit of online:offline balance in your life. We hope there's a challenge that inspires you to give logging-off a go!   With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, gift guides and special offers inundating...

6 reasons to ban your smartphone from your bedroom
09 Mar
5 reasons to ban your smartphone from your bedroom

We're all guilty of sending that last minute email just before bed, because we feel it is far too important to wait until the morning. Or we quickly scroll through social media before we get out of bed each day. All of this might seem...

digital detox challenge header
11 Feb
Valentine’s Day 7 Days to Digital Detox Challenge #LogOffForLove

It's nearly Valentine's Day, and we've been thinking - what would our loved ones really love this Valentine's Day? And we realised - it's our presence, not presents. It's already been proven that smartphones are ruining our relationships, so shouldn't we give smartphones up for our partners...

smartphone lovers
08 Feb
5 ways your smartphone is ruining your relationship

The amount of time we all spend on our smartphones is taking a toll on all our relationships. With 63% of adults aged 18 and 29 saying they sleep with their phones or tablets in their beds and 20% of young adults admitting to actually...

digital detox
30 Jul
Why do a digital detox?

There’s no denying that our phones have become so much more than phones – we feel increasingly reliant on our gadgets, and smartphone manufacturers are unsurprisingly keen for this to carry on so continue to add more and more functionality to our devices. We at Time...

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