Get Outside

Get Off SCreens: Cambrian Gold- Matt Holland Photography
30 Apr
Get Off Screens and Get Outside for #MentalHealthMonth

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, also known as #MentalHealthMonth. At Time To Log Off we're going to be focusing on two aspects of mental health affected by our 24:7 screen habits: social media and mental health, and the benefits of getting outside and connecting with nature. Human beings have...

Digital Free Day Trip: Matt Holland Photography
26 Apr
Try a Digital-Free Day Trip and Escape to the Outdoors

If we were to find ourselves without our phones unexpectedly most of us would feel very vulnerable and lost. It's become all too easy to become over-reliant on the tools on our smartphones, leaving us seriously doubting our ability to cope without them. But combatting digital dependence is easy and can be fun, educational,...

A canopy of trees for Earth Day
19 Apr
5 Wonderful Ways to Unplug and Connect on Earth Day

At Time To Log Off, we encourage you to find balance with screens in a world where digital is dominant. We share the benefits of logging off and dedicating real time to the relationships that matter most - these can be our relationships with our loved ones, as well...

Italy Digital Detox Retreat
19 Oct
5 Things That Happen To You on a Digital Detox Retreat

We're back from another successful digital detox retreat. Much like our guests, we're feeling renewed and restored after spending a few days offline, focusing on ourselves. For those thinking of going on a retreat, it can be hard to know what to expect. So, we've...

Digital Detox Heroes - Time To Log Off Instagram Takeover
20 Apr
Digital Detox Heroes #3: Adventurer Al Humphreys

We're excited to introduce our third Digital Detox Hero takeover on Instagram! Our Digital Detox Heroes series introduces friends of Time To Log off who perfectly embody the screen balanced lifestyle. We're letting each of our Heroes take over Time To Log Off's Instagram feed to...

11 Sep
What you can expect on our digital detox October retreat!

It’s not long until our October digital detox retreat in beautiful Italy and we’re getting really excited! Places are filling up fast and if you’ve already booked yours or are thinking about joining us (do book soon!) we thought we’d let you know a little...

19 Aug
7 simple tips to connect more with nature

In our increasingly urbanised, fast-paced, ever-connected world, it seems harder and harder to get back to nature and appreciate the earth around us. By reconnecting with nature, you’ll reduce your stress levels and have a calmer, simpler, all-round-happier existence. And who wouldn’t want that? Spending time in...

28 Jul
9 reasons to eat more raw food

Everyone knows that eating healthily is vital for the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul, and a largely raw food diet has long been considered a great way to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs. With trendy raw cafes like Tanya’s and...

Digital Detox
25 Jul
The amazing powers of Vitamin Sea

We're very keen on you putting down all your digital devices and tech and getting outside, but did you know that there are specific health benefits associated not just with being in nature but in being by the sea? Here's why you should be trying to...

22 Jul
6 reasons you need to go outside in nature. Now.

We all know that after a walk in the fresh air to clear our head we tend to feel a little bit better. But did you know there are science-backed reasons for this? Here are six reasons why you should put down whatever you are...

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