The Power of Puzzles to Help You Log Off

22 Jun The Power of Puzzles to Help You Log Off

Throughout quarantine we’ve been talking about the importance of finding things to do outside of screen time such as sewing, cooking or even making music. Now we have another suggestion of a great way to spend your time offline: doing puzzles!

As we come out of lockdown, and indeed during it, many are choosing to get a break and step away from our devices. We’ve been spending far too long glued to the screen and there’s been a renaissance of interest in analogue pursuits. Even before lockdown trapped us all at home, the power of puzzles to completely absorb us and help us relax, was seen in the 132% year on year increase in sales in the UK. They’ve continued to boom while we’ve all been trapped at home with more and more free time and trying to stay off devices. With UK Unplugging Day on Sunday the 28th of June fast approaching we’d like to suggest that you get stuck into a puzzle, they keep your hands and mind busy as well as being gorgeous to look at (if you choose the right one!)

One of reasons we spend such an inordinate amount of time on our phones is that it keeps our hands busy and it’s become an unconscious reflex for us to pick up their phone and start scrolling instead of actively participating in the world around us.

So we challenge you to turn away from mindless scrolling on UK Unplugging Day and get stuck into some puzzles. Wentworth Puzzles, in particular, are a good place to get you puzzling. Their designs are gorgeous (which if you are a regular puzzler you will know is not guaranteed in all puzzles). Their puzzles also contain irregular ‘whimsy’ pieces which often reflect the theme of the larger puzzle, making the puzzle itself harder and more aesthetically pleasing! You can even buy the puzzles in different sizes (e.g. 200 pieces or 800) so you determine how much time you put into them, and you don’t have to compromise on the design if you are new to puzzling

So buy a puzzle today, try it on Sunday 28th and witness the power of puzzles to help you log off.

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