Digital Detox and Digital Wellbeing-Inspired Christmas Gift Guide 2020

digital detox gift guide

12 Nov Digital Detox and Digital Wellbeing-Inspired Christmas Gift Guide 2020

The best gift you can give any Christmas is the present of your presence. In previous years, we’ve encouraged you unplug from social media and all other digital distractions for the holidays to really connect with those you are present with. But, this year we know it just might not be possible. Zoom or FaceTime could be the only way to connect to grandparents, or far-flung siblings this year. So, all the more reason to log off when we can.

With this in mind, we’ve put together our annual Christmas digital detox gift guide with a difference. Each of our thoughtfully selected gifts will help you and your loved ones finally log off, after what feels like an entire year on screens. It will also help you to support small and independent retailers. This year they have been hit particularly hard so we wanted to give them some love this Christmas. (There are no Amazon links in here). We hope there’s something in our list which will inspire you, and those in your life, to put down your screens for a while this Christmas.

For Fun and Games

The Lost Words

If you’re lucky enough to be spending the holidays with friends and family, give a gift which can be enjoyed by everyone, offline. The Lost Words is a card game based on the Robert McFarlane book with illustrations from Jackie Morris. The game has an environmental focus, highlighting the danger of losing our knowledge of nature. It’s marketed at 8+ but includes strategic elements to keep adults engaged too- truly perfect for a family Christmas.

Master of Logic

A great game for younger children (6+), Master of Logic can be played by two, or in teams. The first player selects a four colour pattern, it’s up to the second player to guess the colours and sequence. It is even made from natural wood. With both of these games on hand you can probably put down your phone for hours this Christmas, you’ll be having too much fun!

For Connecting with Nature

Wildlife Trust Membership

If your friend or family member loves nature then this is the gift for them. By buying a gift membership for them you will be supporting the Wildlife Trust’s work for the natural landscape and animals. Not only that, but the recipient will be gifted wildlife magazines, guides and other benefits throughout the year. This includes a ticket to their local wildlife trust, and the opportunity to get involved in real work of conservation in the UK- the perfect way to integrate time offline into anyone’s life. You could also accompany them on their visit so that you can experience it together.

Sea Life Trust Whale Adoption

If you were watching ITV in the UK mid-October you might have caught the two-part series about the rescue and release of two beluga whales in Iceland. The Sea Life Trust rescued Little Grey and Little White from captivity in China where they had been for most of their lives working as performers. Through the course of this incredibly emotional programme they showed how these animals, who had lived most of their lives in captivity, might not be able to be fully released into the wild but could thrive in the wilder environment of the Westman Islands. Even if you weren’t watching, you may have heard of the story and been moved by it, we at Time To Log Off certainly were.

The Sea Life Trust needs funding in order rescue more of these creatures, so we suggest adopting a beluga for your loved one. With the adoption you get information about the whale, their journey and the life they leads at the Sanctuary. For someone who has everything, or who is notoriously difficult to buy for, this could be perfect.

For Mindfulness

Wentworth Puzzle

We’ve been singing the praises of Wentworth Puzzles all the way through lockdown. Quite frankly we think they’re the best puzzles out there, with unique designs, a wooden construction that holds its shape and will last the test of time, and quirkily shaped whimsy pieces. Anyone would be lucky to get a Wentworth Puzzle this Christmas, we would certainly appreciate one! Your recipient will spend hours totally absorbed in their puzzle, a great mindfulness exercise for someone who finds focus challenging. Our top pick from their Christmas range this year is this fiendishly tricky, and beautiful, Nanook of the North.

We are loving doing Nanook of the North in the run up to Christmas!

OFF. Your digital detox for a Better Life by Tanya Goodin

Our founder Tanya Goodin’s popular book, ‘OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’, is a compact stocking filler for those who can’t log off. We would especially recommend it for those who need a tiny hint – perhaps the parent who keeps checking their work email, or the partner who stays up late on their phone in bed…. Full of practical tips and ideas to help even the most stubbornly addicted take a break for the holiday season.

digital detox book : OFF

For Keeping Hands Busy

iFixit Kit

Sometimes a practical gift can be the way to go. So, we’d like to recommend an iFixit kit. We interviewed Kelsea Weber from iFixit, for our podcast and she talked to us about the huge environmental problem of electronic waste. Tech companies make it hard for us to be environmentally friendly, encouraging us to endlessly discard and upgrade our devices, instead of repairing them. iFixit offer free repair guidelines for all common devices from phones to washing machines and including repair kits for iPhones. One of these kits might be perfect for the loved one that cares about waste and likes to use their hands.

Stress Relief Bundle

The Department Store for the Mind is one of our favourite places to go for thoughtful gifts. Our top pick this year is the Stress Relief Bundle. It contains a deep-breath-bracelet, affirmative stickers, and a workbook to help with focusing amongst many more things. 2020 has been stressful for most of us, this could really hit the spot this holiday season.

For Keeping Cosy

Cashmere Scarf

Wrap someone you love up warm this season with this beautiful cashmere scarf (also comes in four other colours). Yes, it’s probably at the top end of your budget but for that very special person, this gorgeous gift is a going to be like giving them a big hug – which you may not be able to do in person this year – so worth it we think.

Knitted Beanie

This knitted beanie will keep someone’s head nice and snug when they venture outside way from their screens, which you’ll definitely encourage them to do when you give them this gift. This particular colour is very Christmassy we think, but there are other options too.

For Personal Growth

Royal School of Needlework Course

We’ve talked before about the benefits of sewing and needlecraft. Through knitting, darning, tailoring or embroidery you can pass many productive hours and create something tangible – the perfect way to log off. The Royal School of Needlework offers a huge range of different classes from one-offs to accredited courses so you can pick one which suits your budget and loved one. Who knows, next year you may find you’re the lucky recipient of something they make!

Digital Detox Course

This year we launched our own 6 week Digital Detox Course. If there’s someone in your life that needs it, this Christmas you could make their life a bit easier by helping them to work out how to limit their screen overuse. Hosted by our founder, internationally respected digital detox expert Tanya Goodin, the course gives you all the information, practical tips, support and practice you might need to revamp your digital habits (including a 2 week guided digital detox at the end!). We’ve got a special discount for you this Christmas! This could make a great start to 2021 for someone who wants to develop healthier habits in the New Year.

digital detox course

Whoever you’re buying for, make this Christmas more meaningful with our digital detox gift guide ideas. From the environmentally minded to children to those who need to switch off, we hope there’s something in here for everyone!

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