Digital Detox Challenge: Will You Make This Christmas More About Presence, Than Presents?

Presence, not presents - digital detox Christmas challenge

26 Nov Digital Detox Challenge: Will You Make This Christmas More About Presence, Than Presents?

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  3. Digital Detox Challenge: Will You Make This Christmas More About Presence, Than Presents?
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Today, it’s not just films that portray fairytale festivities, the digital world has also arguably amplified the stress surrounding the countdown to Christmas. With countless festive adverts hitting our screens as soon as Halloween is over and hundreds of Black Friday emails flooding our inboxes in late November, the pressure and urgency to deliver an Instagram-worthy Christmas is inescapable. In the build up to the big day, we’re constantly told what to buy, wear and eat. This begs the question, if we’re facing so much pressure to deliver a flawless Christmas, how much are we actually enjoying it? It’s easy to get lost in the preparations or status of gift giving and forget that the memories made with our loved ones are what we will remember in years to come – not those we showcase on social media.

In a digital era where our smartphones have become an extension of our being and our focus is constantly pulled in multiple directions, we encourage you to give the most thoughtful present possible this Christmas; the gift of your presence. Our #PresenceNotPresents digital detox challenge returns to help you be more mindful during the festive season by switching off and giving your loved ones your undivided attention.

How to Make This Christmas More About Presence, Than Presents

Mini Christmas tree display

Tip 1: Write Meaningful Christmas Cards

One of the first things we do in the lead up to Christmas is send cards. But, instead of writing an identical message for your long list of obliged recipients, why not take the time to pen thoughtful, personalised messages to your nearest and dearest? In the age of email and hastily written text messages, a handwritten note can go a long way.

Tip 2: Switch Off From Social Media

Give your family your full focus by taking a break from social media during the holidays. If you’re worried about FOMO, the fear of missing out, let your friends know that you’ll be offline for a few days – maybe it will even encourage them to do the same! If you know you’ll be tempted to see what’s happening on your feeds, leave your smartphone out of sight.

Tip 3: Organise Analogue Activities

With a fully festive TV schedule, who doesn’t love to batten down the hatches and enjoy a movie marathon? While cosy afternoons in are part of the festivities, the #PresenceNotPresents challenge is all about making time for analogue activities where you can really engage with your loved ones. From Christmas baking to board games and walks, there are many ways to spend time together that doesn’t involve screens, but will inevitably lead to richer conversation and new memories.

Tip 4: Phone Free Food

Eat, drink and be merry. Christmas is a time for indulging in delicious meals with good company. To savour the food and the friends you’re with, encourage everyone to keep their phones off the table. There’s no worse conversation killer than being ‘phubbed’ – phone snubbed.

Join us in cherishing our most important relationships by giving the gift of time and presence during our digital detox challenge. Start 2019 feeling refreshed and with a better balance with technology.

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