A little book with a BIG message: ‘OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’

OFF. Your Digital Detox For A Better Life.

20 Jul A little book with a BIG message: ‘OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’

You may have seen our teasers on our social media feeds, but we’re very excited to officially announce our new book ‘OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’! OFF is available to pre-order on Amazon and will be officially released on the 3rd of August – the countdown is on! You’ll also be able to find OFF in shops such as Waterstones, Oliver Bonas and Joy from the 3rd August. And if you’re very keen to check it out (you should be), OFF is now available as an audiobook ahead of the print copy release.

Page from OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life.

What’s OFF all about?

OFF is for you if you feel you need to switch OFF and reset. If you’re feeling stressed, glued to your smartphone and drowning in emails, this little book with a big message on how to balance technology is for you. OFF is packed full of mindful exercises, words of wisdom and new perspectives to help you find a better online:offline balance. You’ll learn how to unplug and, ignore the distractions of our always-on culture, while becoming  less stressed and enjoying more time to do the things you love.

The book is divided into six sections with prompts and exercises in each;

  • Set your boundaries – suggestions for limits on screen use
  • Go with the flow – mindful activities to restore your concentration and focus
  • Get back to nature  – getting off screens and getting outdoors
  • Tame your triggers  – dealing with temptations, alerts and notifications
  • Choose analogue   analogue alternatives for digital time wasting
  • Reconnect   rediscovering the power of real-world relationships

We’ve spent a long time researching how our technology use is affecting us , especially in the ten years since the launch of the iPhone and believe that OFF is the perfect addition to our digital detox toolkit. We’ve brought you the 5:2 digital diet, fantastic digital detox challenges and retreats, but OFF is the most ‘mobile’ of them all. Put down your phone and pick up OFF wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. This is your guide to a healthier and happier life.

We’re very aware that we’re often spreading the digital detox message online via our blog and social feeds, as that’s where most of you hang out. However to stay true to our guiding manifesto, we wanted to create a completely offline digital detox resource for whenever that always-on culture gets too much. It’s something to substitute for your smartphone when you’re scrolling endlessly in bed, too.

Friend someone - digital detox tips in OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life

Why digital detox is so important

Not sold yet? Take a journey around our website and discover how digital detox improves your sleep, becomes a crucial part of self-care when it comes to mental health and mindfulness, beats stress and makes you more efficient. Recently compared to minimalism, digital detox is a lifestyle concept that’s altogether more achievable and realistic, whoever you are and whatever your digital vices may be.

Keep an eye out for our give-away competitions

In the run up to the release of the book we’re running weekly competitions to win an OFF t-shirt or canvas tote bag. All you need to do is email us your receipt at [email protected] after pre-ordering OFF on Amazon and you’ll be entered into a prize draw. Keep an eye out for the announcements on our Twitter feed. Good luck!

We hope you enjoy reading our book as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it! We would love to know what you think and how it helped you and your family find a better balance with technology.


Introducing our wonderful new book ‘OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’
Article Name
Introducing our wonderful new book ‘OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life’
Time To Log Off's very own book launches on 3rd August 2017. 'OFF. Your Digital Detox for a Better Life' is packed full of exercises and tips to help you take back your life from technology.
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Time To Log Off
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