10 signs that you need to go on a yoga retreat

20 Jan 10 signs that you need to go on a yoga retreat

  • Yoga is a great exercise and it has a huge variety of different benefits from helping you sleep, to beating depression. We’re half way through the start of a new year and the January blues are starting to get to all of us.

Work and home life can cause unnecessary stress and lead to us feeling rundown and tired, but we have 10 signs that you need to go on one of our yoga retreats with digital detox.

#1 You constantly feel exhausted

Working five days a week, looking after a family and having a social life can be quite a handful and often lead to us not having a break.

Living a busy lifestyle can lead to us feeling rundown and exhausted, and taking a break is always needed. Yoga is proven to boost energy levels; studies have shown that certain yoga poses reduce fatigue and increases cortisol levels (cortisol is the hormone that gives us energy).

At our yoga retreats with digital detox we encourage daily yoga practice that will work to instantly boost your energy and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised each day.

#2 You are having trouble sleeping

Having a busy lifestyle can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed and the only time we can completely switch off is when we sleep. However with our schedules becoming busier and work becoming more stressful we can often find it hard to sleep. Struggling to sleep is one sign that you need to go on a yoga retreat.

Studies show that in the UK that we spend more time on digital media than we do sleeping. On average we spend just 8 hours 21 minutes sleeping, yet 8 hours 41 minutes on digital media. People who have trouble sleeping often choose to watch TV or use their phone before bed which can actually make it harder to sleep.

Many studies show that yoga affects how well we sleep, attending a yoga retreat with digital detox can help to improve your sleep dramatically.

#3 You feel stressed

Work life and home life can all become a little bit too much at times and cause you a great deal of stress. Practicing yoga and pranayama (yoga breathing) is proven to reduce stress.

At our yoga retreats we encourage two sessions of yoga each day and this can work to reduce stress. You will be able to take the yoga you have practiced home with you, allowing you to reduce your stress levels when you get home too.


#4 You find it hard to concentrate

If you tend to get distracted a lot, and find it hard to concentrate you could need to attend a yoga retreat. Yoga is a flow activity; the state of flow is when a person is completely engrossed in an activity with focus and engagement.

A flow activity results in your brain fully concentrating on the activity at hand, yoga can help you improve concentration whilst you are fully focused on the activity.

#5 You can’t remember what it’s like to be relaxed

A lot of us are guilty of not finding enough time to relax, it’s easy to get caught up in everyday life and not make time for ourselves. Not remembering what it feels like to be relaxed is a big sign that you need a yoga retreat.

After working all week and running around all weekend you deserve time to relax. Yoga is a mind body exercise that works to relax both the body and mind. At our yoga retreats you will find complete relaxation with daily yoga sessions in idyllic and calm surroundings.


#6 You have unused holiday stockpiled at work

How many of us get to the end of the year to realize we have unused holiday left? This is proof enough that you need to get away, switch off and relax.

At our yoga retreats with digital detox you’ll not only be able to completely relax but also totally switch off from work – which is obviously needed.

#7 You have aches and pains

Sitting at a desk all day can cause bad posture, as well as aches and pains. If you suffer from aches and pains in your back and neck you probably need to get away from your desk and go on a yoga retreat.

Yoga is an effective treatment for chronic pain, and works to improve flexibility, range of motion and muscle strength. By attending a yoga retreat you will be able to partake in daily yoga practice which will work on improving aches and pains.

#8 You often feel angry or sad

Feeling angry or sad can be a sign of depression and anxiety. Yoga is proven to produce the same effects that prescription drugs provide for those suffering with depression.

Daily exercise and yoga practice is very important as it works to boost mood and energy which works to reduce depressive symptoms. At our retreats all guests take part in daily yoga practice, as well as other forms of exercise including walking, which will help to boost your mood.

#9 You love yoga

If you love yoga it’s a given that you should attend a yoga retreat. If you have been on a retreat before you’ll already know all of the benefits that you can get from one. If you have not yet been on a retreat – you will love it.

At our yoga retreat you’ll not only meet likeminded people and make new friends, you will also experience relaxation like never before and leave feeling great.

#10 You can’t escape digital

If you can’t put down your phone or laptop when you get home from work, you need to come on one of our yoga retreats with digital detox.

Most of us spend our working day sat at our desk on our computer, and we then bring that home with us, checking working emails on our phone and endlessly scrolling through twitter before bed.

At our digital detox retreats, guests hand in all technology before the retreat starts, as this allows everyone to experience a full detox and the benefits you can get from this.

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