5 reasons to combine a yoga retreat with digital detox

18 Nov 5 reasons to combine a yoga retreat with digital detox

You’ll have seen from the schedule of events on each of our retreats that we always include yoga on our digital detox retreats. We believe strongly that a digital detox that is part yoga retreat is the perfect way to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with the offline world. We know from experience (and from what the people who have come on our retreats have told us) that combining digital detox with the very best aspects of a yoga retreat will leave you feeling relaxed, stress free and energised.

So much of spending time in the online world is about focusing purely on our minds. However yoga is an integrated mind-body practice which isn’t just about the physical poses (asanas) but also about relaxation, controlled breathing (pranayama) and meditation. There have been many studies about the efficacy of yoga over the years and it is scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate, leaving you feeling fantastic (trust us on this one!).

If you’re worried about trying yoga on a digital detox retreat here are five things you need to know about combing aspects of a yoga retreat with your digital detox:

1: You don’t need to be an expert on yoga

Lots of people might be put off the idea of anything involving a yoga retreat purely because they are not an expert, or may even not have tried it before at all. But our yoga retreats combined with digital detox are for anyone at any level; from beginner to expert, everyone is totally free to work at their own pace.Your yoga retreat instructor will adapt each class, and the individual poses within the class, so that anyone will find a level that they are comfortable working at. The point is to enjoy it, not to worry about how you are doing compared to anyone else. Yoga is not a competitive sport!


2: You will experience genuine stress relief

Whilst on a yoga retreat that combines digital detox you will have a complete break from your daily life. Practicing yoga is proven to reduce your stress level, anxiety and restore energy. Taking part in a group yoga session or simply practicing yoga breathing will leave you less stressed.

Yoga breathing (pranayama) works to relieve stress by increasing oxygen flow which calms your nervous system thereby reducing your stress levels. In addition, stress can often result in an excess amount of nervous energy (adrenalin) coursing through the system and many yoga of the poses such as the warrior actually help to reduce this excess energy and stress.



And of course, the particular stress that comes with being attached to a smartphone, with its constant work emails or text messaging and notifications will also be entirely removed at our retreats, as we take in all digital devices for safe keeping.

3: You’ll enjoy moving physically

Although the idea of twice daily exercise (not just yoga) may not be your thing whilst at home working 9-5, when on the retreat we promise you’ll actually enjoy it. And you will learn that physical activities don’t have to be strenuous or exhausting – like a heavy gym workout – to be of benefit. Just getting outside in nature gently walking is good for your health. Being in nature helps your brain work better and is good for your heart.image

As well as partaking in twice daily yoga sessions you will also be encouraged to take part in mindful walks and bike rides where you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of your yoga retreat location. When we were in Italy, we started the day with a silent mindful walk and we plan to do that on every retreat as everyone enjoyed it so much.

4: You’ll eat really well

At a digital detox that is part yoga retreat all your meals are provided for you, and you will have a mouth watering selection of healthy, seasonal, delicious foods to choose from at each meal. We pride ourselves on the great selection of chefs that we’ve put together for our retreats and our food is really important to us.image

At all our yoga retreats with digital detox, we offer a plant-based, mainly raw diet of fruit and vegetables sourced from the local area. Raw food is proven to increase energy, improve digestion and ease health problems.

5: You’ll have a new perspective on life

Attending our yoga retreat combined with digital detox in one of our inspiring locations will give you an opportunity to discover the world. It will also allow you to discover yourself. You’ll find out for yourself, outside your permanently-connected always-on ‘real life’, just how relaxed and calm you actually can be with a bit of practice.image

We know that people who attend our yoga retreats combined with digital detox discover for themselves by switching off just how much their digital devices were actually taking over their lives. Our retreats leave people feeling less stressed, relaxed, and determined to use digital less once they return home.

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